Turkey sees Islamic State hand in bombing, vows election will go on

by ORHAN COSKUN AND ECE TOKSABAY | Reuters  |  published on October 12, 2015

Turkey is targeting Islamic State in investigations of a double suicide bombing in Ankara that killed up to 128 people, officials said on Sunday, while opponents of President Tayyip Erdogan blamed him for the worst such attack in Turkish history.

Government officials made clear that despite alarm over the attack on a rally of pro-Kurdish activists and civic groups, there would be no postponement of November polls Erdogan hopes can restore an overall majority for the AK Party he founded.

Thousands of people gathered near the scene of the attack at Ankara’s main railway station, many accusing Erdogan of stirring nationalist sentiment by his pursuit of a military campaign against Kurdish militants, a charge Ankara vehemently rejects.

  • robert h siddell, jr

    I lived in Turkey 1.5 years and somebody just kicked the hornets nest.

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