U.K. Labour Suspends MP Naz Shah for anti-Israel Social Media Posts

by Associated Press  |  published on April 28, 2016

Britain’s main opposition Labour Party has suspended lawmaker Naz Shah for making anti-Israel posts on social media before she was elected to Parliament.

The party says Shah is barred from taking part in the party’s activities.

Shah has faced strong criticism for comments, including a 2014 Facebook post in which she shared a graphic that showed the outline of Israel superimposed on a map of the U.S. under the headline “Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict – Relocate Israel into United States.”

Shah “wholeheartedly” apologized Wednesday for comments that “caused upset and hurt to the Jewish community.” She had already resigned as an aide to Labour economy spokesman John McDonnell.

  • Raymond Charron

    Resign? She’s a traitor to Britain and a danger to America. Line her up in a firing squad with other Isis members and shoot them. They can all go to hell and see their 72 verging.

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