Venezuela food shortages cause some to hunt dogs, cats, pigeons

by Peter Wilson  |  published on May 19, 2016

Unemployed construction worker Roberto Sanchez could hear a time bomb ticking as he waited in line with 300 people outside a grocery store this week, hoping that corn meal or rice might be delivered later in the afternoon.

He fears that Venezuela could explode at any minute into political and economic chaos.

“We have no food. They are cutting power four hours a day. Crime is soaring. And (President Nicolás) Maduro blames everyone but himself for the mess we find ourselves in,” said Sanchez, 36. “We can’t go on like this forever. Something has to give.”

The question is what will give first. As the economy spirals into deeper disarray, protests aimed at driving the unpopular president out of office are growing. Maduro responded over the weekend by declaring a 60-day state of emergency to combat what he said are U.S.-sponsored efforts to overthrow his socialist government.

  • The Redhawk

    It seems that Both CLUELESS SHITLERY Clinton and POT head Bernie should take time out and go and Visit Venezuela to get a preview of What SOCIALISM is ALL ABOUT…… But they’ll probably Blame TRUMP!

  • danstewart

    A good example of what the US will be like if hillary wins the presidency.

  • Rodney Steward

    Seems their President is like ours, put the blame on everything and everybody but himself, the real problem!! Is he black!!

    • The Redhawk


  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    So what is the problem, just vote in a socialist government, oh wait, that is what they have now.
    So then, why don’t they call that avid American socialist, Sean Penn, he will donate millions. Oh wait, he is not that kind of socialist, besides he is incorporated, got to protect his assets you know.
    How about Spruce Bringstein, oh no, same thing as Penn, incorporated too.
    Oh Bono, gee, no good, another incorporated guy. Well maybe he will do a free concert for corn.
    Guess those guys are just luxury socialists. Socialist of convenience, publically one way, privately another.

    • Rodney Steward

      They’re called IDIOTS!!! 🙂

  • CCblogging

    Socialism caused this and contrary to what Maduro said, Obama is pleased.

    • The Redhawk

      But then OBAMA is an A-SHOLE…

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