‘We want food!’, Venezuelans cry at protest near presidency

by EFRAIN OTERO AND MARCO BELLO  |  published on June 3, 2016

Venezuelan security forces fired teargas at protesters chanting “We want food!” near Caracas’ presidential palace on Thursday, the latest street violence in the crisis-hit OPEC nation.

Hundreds of angry Venezuelans heading toward Miraflores palace in downtown Caracas were met by National Guard troops and police who blocked a major road.

President Nicolas Maduro, under intense pressure over a worsening economic crisis in the South American nation of 30 million, had been scheduled to address a rally of indigenous groups nearby around the same time.

The protest spilled out of long lines at shops in the area, witnesses said, after some people tried to hijack a food truck.

  • justinwachin

    Bernie Sanders supporters should see what the end game of socialism looks like. Socialism sounds so good when it is being proposed but eventually the country runs out of the productive people’s wealth.

  • Webb


    Socialism Just Does Not Work as Evidenced By ‘We want food!’, Venezuelans cry at protest near presidency…

  • Kent2012

    and the commie ahole that was responsible for this is smelling like burning sulphur as we watch the results of “socialism”…of course this is just the beginning…next that aholes will be machine gunning their own people…

  • David Stewart

    Typical commie adminisration; got money for riot control but not for feeding the people!

    • PC Bob

      So, now the govt is responsible for ‘feeding the people?’ Maybe if the govt stayed out of their way they could feed THEMSELVES? MUCH like here in America, huh?

      • David Stewart

        I agree, but the article is about a communist country, not this one. It’s coming to us, too, courtesy of your neighborhood progressive Demoncrap!

    • Cleverfun

      …and coming to a town near you if BS gets in office as POTUS!

  • Bill Blackstone

    This is what the U.S. FEMA camps will look like in a few months after Obama cancels the elections and calls for martial law.

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