Romanian Hacker Published Hillary’s Emails Two Years Ago?

by Daily Mail  |  published on March 3, 2015

hillary-clinton-personal-email-workThe first hint of a secret Clinton email address came from the infamous Romanian hacker who used the nom-de-hack ‘Guccifer.’ He was later sentenced to four years in prison for his illegal exploits.

Marcel Lazar Lehel – Guccifer’s real name – breached the email account of Sidney Blumenthal, a former Bill Clinton aide who later joined Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. Blumenthal had sent emails to her at the ‘’ address, according to The Smoking Gun.

Some of the messages Guccifer leaked online consisted of intelligence reports, sent in late 2012 to Clinton’s back-channel address, and covered matters in Libya – including the aftermath of the September 11, 2012 terror attack in Benghazi.

RT, a Russian state-run television network, published those emails.

Others were more personal, including a Valentine’s Day greeting.

  • Delia Holloway


  • sueaj

    If ele’ Hillary won’t produce those emails, let the hackers get them for us!

  • The redhawk

    FIND COVER…. iT’S GOING TO HIT THE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The days of making fun of SOW SHE CLINTON may be Over… She BE DONE!

  • sueaj

    If the republicans can’t find her emails, hire a teen hacker. They’d figure out what Hillary was trying to hide!

    • TheKing

      If I was Congressman Trey Gowdy, I would attempt to get the hacker freed and hire him to work for the committee in gaining all documents from Bluementhal and Hillary; otherwise coverup is ongoing this very moment, hillry will surely stonewall as she had a great mentor by the name of Obama; surely our AG (Held in contempt of congress) also learned how to stonewall congress. The obama admin has shown disrespect and disdain for our congress and the administration must be impeached as soon as possible before the magic pen and phone destroy our freedoms.l

      • wiseone2

        Sounds like a plan……

    • The redhawk

      BUT Never Hire Holder or Koskinen of IRS.. They cannot find their ASSES wit a GPS!

  • gavinwca

    Democrats surely are not bound by, laws and negative rights Constitutions, what is the matter with you people.

    • empty pockets

      I know! And the Clintons get an even more protected status because they’re, well, they are THE Clintons.

      Then again this isn’t Bill. This is Shrillary who still beats out even Palin for divisiveness…

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