AZ sheriff: Feds ‘refusing’ to prosecute illegals

by Olaf Ekberg | The American Mirror  |  published on October 10, 2015

Yuma County, Arizona Sheriff Leon Wilmot is tired of his county’s taxpayers paying to recapture illegal immigrants because of the federal government’s refusal to enforce the law.

leon wilmot“If you are not going to do your job and we have to do it for you, you should be paying us,” Wilmot tells KYMA.

Wilmot says his department has arrested illegal immigrants for drug smuggling and identity theft, but the U.S. District Attorney “fails to prosecute them.” The sheriff says the feds’ inaction is costing Yuma County taxpayers about a million dollars a year.

  • CharlieSeattle

    The correct term is………………….illegal aliens NOT illegal immigrants.

  • robert sanders

    as soon as they cross the border” shoot them. that will stop everything.

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