Bad news for retirees: No Social Security cost-of-living increase, higher medical costs for many

by Lisa Rein | The Washington Post  |  published on October 16, 2015

Tens of millions of seniors will see no annual cost-of-living adjustment in their Social Security checks in 2016, the government said Thursday, unwelcome news that also will flatten benefit payments for retired federal workers and service members.

It is only the third time in 40 years β€” all of them during the Obama administration β€” that the Social Security Administration has not increased its payments. The raises are tied to the consumer price index (CPI).

  • The government uses the fact that gasoline prices have gone down so low that any COLA increases are not necessary! Well, as I recall, when gas prices were sky high the government, I recall, excluded all energy costs from the formula for COLA! What is it, dummies??? The real costs that hit all seniors is food and housing, both costs are sky high now and justify a greater COLA increase than ever! DO IT NOW!!!..we want a COLA increase!!

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