Betsy DeVos booed during graduation address in Florida

May 11, 2017

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Boos, catcalls and the turning of backs welcomed the commencement speaker at Wednesday’s Bethune-Cookman University graduation ceremony.

For 20 minutes, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s most opposed cabinet secretary nominee during confirmation hearings, endured jeers from the graduates and interruptions from the university president to calm down the crowd.

At one point, President Edison Jackson even threatened to “send your diplomas in the mail” if the noise didn’t stop.

For most of her speech, and during her receipt of an honorary degree in Human Letters, the students continued the past 10 days of contention that, of all people, she won the invite for the keynote address.

  • goldie

    Depends what they were booing her for… was it because she said that common core is practically gone when we know this is not the truth? Not sure what I think of this woman myself, but I wouldn’t act like this. Of course, the entitlement generation knows no self-sacrifice and isn’t expected to act like adults.

  • Bob

    So if a student had done this if Michelle Obama or Jill Biden had been forced on them as a speaker, how quickly would the media been bashing them? What about some of these black racist speakers liberal colleges choose as speakers? (the cop killer in Philly and BLM supporters in CA come to mind) Would this behavior be considered acceptable there? That’s right, it is entirely permissible, even encouraged, to be a rude, childish ass when attacking any member of this administration or any who may have supported them. This will go on as long as they are allowed to, as long as they are encouraged to by a fawning crowd hell bent on doing anything to make this administration difficult.

  • Jim

    This is the very reason we needed Betsy DeVos. The so called EDUCATION people, really let America down! These students would not be allowed to act like this at home. So, why has the Education departments K – life, allowed this to happen in schools, in public or any place for that matter? Being RUDE is not exceptionable, it is pathetic!

  • roboteq

    And once again the minority is allowed to rule. Every graduate who did not have the decency and self discipline to behave properly for this event should have been removed and not allowed to graduate with their class.

  • James Maxwell

    The morons who showed their asses in public are a product of the last
    occupier of the Oval office who showed his Racism and ass on a daily
    basis. These snow flakes and paid protesters have been brainwashed
    to be idiots and will never be productive citizens in our society. They
    are the sheeple that are led to the slaughters by those who would destroy
    our Nation and surrender to the ISIS hoards of pig fodder.

    • Chris Robinette

      Snow Flakes, and cry babies.

    • Anouk

      You are so right! Shame on them.

    • chocopot

      Very well stated. Thank you.

  • gvette

    They are liberal indoctrinated sheep. They would have much rather had Killary, or Onigger.

    • Lkfeinb

      I know you are on this site because it validates your views. It is time you woke up.

      • gvette

        Let’s see. Liberalism IS a mental disorder. You fuck up everything you touch. I come here to voice my thoughts, just like everyone else does. Difference between you, and me, I have my own thoughts, and the DemonRAT party tells you what to think.

        • Lkfeinb

          I am not telling you what to think, I’m telling you to wake up and smell the coffee.

          • gvette

            You can’t tell me how. First you’d have to know how, and your thoughts are all planted by your party. You can’t see the forest for the trees.

          • Lkfeinb

            Follow the money, not the party.

          • gvette

            LOL…following the money is easy. The destructive organizations are all funded by the DemonRATS. Primary.Kinda like your pal Soros.
            The part you missed, is, you have to remember Barry O nigger was brought up a communist. Isn’t it funny we got onigger care under Barry. The communist party (DemonRAT) know that if you control the healthcare, you control the population. (Look at you hero Hitler. First thing he did was government run healthcare). Running in the background was also trying to disarm us. That was a challenge. Killary would have continued on that course, had she won. Hugo Chávez did did same thing in Venezuela. OBarry care wan’t new. It had been in a drawer for years, just waiting for the right opportunity. That was gay Barry. Like I said, you don’t have a thought of your own. You get up, look in your demonRAT talking points envelope, and come in here spouting crap.

          • Lkfeinb

            Because you are a a proud racist, none of your views are valid. You are the rat and spouting crap.

          • gvette

            LOL…Barry is a nigger. Every day when he looks in the mirror, he’s still black. As for my facts not meaning anything to you is, you know they are all correct, and you can’t counter them. Just like Barry, you’re a fucking coward! Now, go back into your moms cellar and jerk off some more!


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