California’s farmers left high and dry by drought, environmental regs

by Hollie McKay |  |  published on October 8, 2015

Drought-stricken California farmers say environmental regulations barring them from irrigating their parched lands are making them the endangered species.

With the drought entering its fourth year, anger is building in central California at state and federal agencies, who critics say are putting wildlife ahead of jobs, families and the food supply. Blocked by environmentalists from pumping water from rivers onto their arid lands, farmers blame both regulations and the agencies and activists who go to court to enforce them.

“These are communities who rely almost solely upon agricultural production or agri-business activities,” Gayle Holman, spokeswoman for the nation’s largest agricultural water supplier, the Westlands Water District, told “If we continue down this path, we will most likely see our food production turn to foreign soil. We could lose the economic engine that agriculture brings to our nation.”

  • Richard Schwartz

    Another quality performance by the Obama EPA. Enemies from outside the country and Obama inside the country.

  • Luke

    Demonrats could care less about America and its families…

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