by ILDEFONSO ORTIZ | Breitbart  |  published on September 9, 2015

HIDALGO, Texas — A convicted burglar from Mexico with a history of repeated felony convictions and deportations is back in Texas. Arturo Oleague Martinez, 48, was arrested by federal agents last week at the county jail in this border city and taken before a U.S. Magistrate Judge. He was charged with one count of illegally re-entering the country.

Magistrate Judge Peter Ormsby ordered that Oleague Martinez be held without bond for his court hearings.

Oleague Martinez had been last deported in November through Del Rio, Texas, after serving a 42 month prison sentence for being entering the country illegally while having a prior felony conviction, the criminal complaint filed by U.S. Border Patrol agents revealed.

  • TREX53

    Shoot him. He won’t ever return.

  • reagangs

    Hell, let me shot his ass … for free. I’ll give him a 5 minute running start, then BOOM!!!! Blow his ass away. The predators can have him after that. I maybe even use my 6 mm Remington that I use for Texas deer. Maybe a jacketed modified soft point 150 grain with a 70 grain load (@ ~3,000 ft/sec muzzle velocity) for maximum impact. Texan, Fort Worth, TX.

  • Magoo Lew

    If he likes our country so much, and he gets released again, maybe some “good” citizen can pick him up, take him for a ride out into the desert, and leave him there.

  • mrcricketmba

    drop him in the ocean about 25 miles from land

  • Walt

    I think it should be a requirement for, Oleague Martinez, to live with, Jorge Ramos, under house arrest, for the rest of his stinking life. After all, Ramos thinks all illegals have the right to live in our country…

  • Richard Schwartz

    This guy must like american prison life. Help the guy out give him life with no parol.

  • rhondareichel

    just what we need….another theif
    5 years sounds about right & chip him with a RFID so we can track him

  • The redhawk

    So if a Clerk (D) in KY goes to jail for not OBEYING the RULE OF LAW..Over issue of licenses for gay marriages …HOW SOON will JEH JOHNSON of DHS.. Obama of the White TOILET and Lynch of DOJ be Jailes for nor Enforcing the LAWS OF THE LAND on IMMIGRATION???????????????

    • rhondareichel

      the status quo in both parties hate when we bring that up….they are cringing in fear right now

      • The redhawk

        BUT once it is “PASSED” they’ll go back to their INCOMPETENT WAYS…and Get Voted in by their Uninfiorrmed and Deranged TROLLS!

  • Steven Swanson

    Should of been Shot when he was caught the third time ! ! ! As in Dead ! ! ! !

    • The redhawk

      after the FIRST time….. INVADERS need to be ‘LEARNED”

  • grafra102

    Don’t lock him up, give him the “ELECTRIC CHAIR” the injection is too easy!!

    • reggie

      Nah, douse him with honey and let the red ants get him.

      • The redhawk


        • reggie

          I like that one.

          • The redhawk

            OH yeah.. Cheap to Install and Cheap to maintain…but Effective..

    • Leslie

      Plus if that scumbag is locked up we just have to pay for all his stuff. Hell he will think his in heaven in jail. Send him to the front of the line on death row. Bring him to TX we gave an express lane for certain people that have broken as many laws as he has.

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