Chicago’s top cop ‘sick and tired’ of violence; more officers hit streets

by Leonor Vivanco  |  published on July 2, 2016

Saying he was “sick and tired” of the violence plaguing the city, Chicago’s top cop announced Friday that thousands more law enforcement officers would hit the streets, lakefront and major tourist attractions, including Navy Pier, this Fourth of July weekend.

Within the past 24 hours, three people had died and 21 more were wounded in violence across the city: this on the eve of the July Fourth weekend, typically one of the most violent holiday weekends of the year.

On the heels of the violence between Thursday and Friday morning, police Superintendent Eddie Johnson called a news conference to discuss this weekend’s policing strategy, and he called the level of crime in the city unacceptable.

“I’m sick and tired of it and I know the people who live in those communities are tired of it,” Johnson told reporters during the news conference at the University of Illinois at Chicago. “I get tired every morning of getting briefed on all these shootings and these murders that’s occurring in Chicago. Any leader in the city of Chicago, if they’re not upset and angry about the level of violence in this city, then they shouldn’t be a leader.”


    Stop the bullsh!t laws that give criminals and illegals the edge and return to profiling and street searches for cause….Why are you dopes in Chi-Town so damn stoooopid about criminals and guns?…Why do you keep a political crook like Rahm around..

  • Blue 3

    Damn near any of you could get a handgun in 3 days. Won’t make you the guy that runs towards gunfire or know how to handle one in a stressful situation. We could issue everyone a handgun with their birth certificate and those shithole communities would still be shithole communities. Guns will never be the problem or the solution.

  • Blue 3

    He’ll be sick and tired of it til Tuesday. Then business as usual.

  • teaman

    Find the handle and flush the commode!!!

    • pamrlangford


  • ADRoberts

    If this “top cop” has any intelligence, it is simple. To lower murder, crime etc, just make it REAL EASY for good people to get guns.
    EVERY place where good people are REQUIRED to have guns, crime is DOWN
    What is so hard about that. Criminals don’t like to face a victim with a gun. And neither do the dictator types who are the ones who REALLY want to control guns

  • Bob

    How can this be? With some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, how can guns still be the problem? With the new taxing of guns and ammo imposed by Cook County that they assured all would curb violence, how can this still be happening? Have we not been assured that more stricter gun laws throughout the country would stop this type of actions?
    Baltimore, Washington, Chicago all have several thing in common: Restrictive attitudes/laws about guns, extremely high crime rates, high levels of poverty and hopelessness, and Democrat rule for generations. The most recent mass shooting have been carried out by registered Democrats. Maybe we should restrict gun sales from Democrats to help save lives?

    • Dolores Adams

      It’s probably the bad guys that are able to get the guns. The good guys have to go through a process that probably takes month to buy a gun.

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