Cities celebrating ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’ over Columbus Day…

October 13, 2015

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — More cities are recognizing Native Americans on Columbus Day this year as they revive a movement to change the name of the holiday to celebrate the history and contributions of indigenous cultures around the country.

As the U.S. observes Columbus Day on Monday, it will also be Indigenous Peoples Day in at least nine cities for the first time this year, including Albuquerque; Portland, Oregon; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Olympia, Washington.

Encouraged by city council votes in Minneapolis and Seattle last year, Native American activists made a push in dozens of cities in recent months to get local leaders to officially recognize the second Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples Day. Their success was mixed.

  • steven_1948

    A trivial pursuit, but if you must….celebrate it as founders day and name the Norsemen of scandanavia as the proven first to set foot on this continent.
    And by the way, the land bridge is a theory as well as migration from South
    America and europe.

  • Pam

    Full disclosure, family history says I am 1/8th Cherokee (no official documentation)
    This “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” is a bunch of PC crap, stirred up by the lib/progs. They get a bunch of American Indians that feel sorry for themselves, nudge that chip on their shoulders, and it is all to stir up more “racial unrest” to keep us from seeing what is behind the curtain.
    It doesn’t matter who came here first, where they made landfall, or how long they stayed. Columbus Day is celebrated because it was his voyages that began the process which eventually created our Great Nation.
    If you want to celebrate “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”, there are 364 other days on the calendar, pick one. American Indians were fighting among their tribes, taking and trading slaves long before Columbus was born; but I don’t see them trying to re-name Martin Luther King (may he Rest in Peace) Day to call it Crazy Horse or Geronimo or Sitting Bull Day.

  • KDC

    Oh, here we go with the lunacy. Good grief people, its history. Leave it alone and let it be. Do away with this PC (political crap). Columbus probably was horrible as was the US govt. in the way they treated the natives here. Trust me, it will go on today with the citizens being mistreated. Wait till Agenda21/2030 and NWO hits. Greed,and power will rear its ugly head, again.

    • plum82

      KDC…….never going to change……the inmates in charge of the asylum………

  • EKMcM

    Into any search engine key in ‘Christopher Columbus treatment of Native Americans’ Then read some of the articles. C. Columbus was one of the first original slave traders. He and his men believed in rape, murder and enslavement of the Native American people. . It is the solid sickening truth. You just want to hide the facts.

    • Denise ogrady

      You need to get the hell out of US if your not happy with it. Dumbocruds will take any angle to spew their ignorance!

      • plum82

        YOU GOT IT…………dimwits……….

    • Pam

      1. “C. Columbus was one of the first original slave traders.” Guess world history didn’t start until 1492, huh? Try going back twice that far.
      2. “He and his men believed in rape, murder and enslavement”. There are bad apples in every bunch. As far as I know, the only GROUP who’s guiding philosophy “believes in rape, murder and enslavement” would be muslims.
      3. “It is the solid sickening truth.” While there is some truth to it, it is not the whole truth. Lib/progs have been systematically rewriting history since, at least, the Wilson administration. And for the past 35 years or more have been attempting to blame every single one of the world’s ills on “WHITE, CHRISTIAN MEN”.
      4. “You just want to hide the facts” When it comes to hiding the facts, the lib/progs are the past masters of rewriting history, misdirection, obfuscation. and out right lying to advance their agenda. (Example: Still waiting for DWS to answer the question, ‘What is the difference between a democrat and a socialist?’)

  • Wynn D’rais

    PC= POOR CHOICE, vote the bastards out.

  • Stolie Lamole

    The continuous attempts to change history by the liberals and the PC…can’t wait until the tyranny stops!

    • plum82

      deal w/it…..NEVER going to change…..nit wits in charge……

  • These American Cities, so-called, are foolish to play such a silly PC card. This is Columbus Day, who was responsible for the Indigenous peoples of the continent to be brought into the new ages! STOP THIS SILLINESS NOW!!!

    • studi30

      This is what happens when the city government is a Libterd mentality. 4000 years before the white man hit the new world, the five Iroquois tribes were killing each other, and taking slaves of each other. All those so called indigenous people here, aren’t. They came across the frozen Bering Straits from Russia 10,000 to15,000 years ago. They more resemble their Mongolian ancestors.


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