by MICHELLE MOONS, Breitbart  |  published on May 17, 2015

ANAHEIM, California—Mention of 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been noticeably absent from California’s 2015 Democrat convention as the party faithful flocked to the Saturday speech from Senator Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)12%, considered by many a Clinton alternative.

The RunWarrenRun crew made their presence known. Bernie Sanders supporters showed up with volumes of flyers and banners touting their candidate.

But crickets when it came to the candidate that has been made out as the de facto nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton. It’s been over a month since Hillary announced her candidacy for President, and she continues to evade answering media questions. Breitbart Senior Editor at Large Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash has come out since her announcement and still no reply to the myriad questions thrown around in the media leaving nothing but postulation as to what she might answer if she actually spoke.

  • carpkiller

    She does not have to show up anywhere till after the election. The illegals,from everywhere, and voter fraud will put her in office without another word from her.

  • David in MA

    Liz may be an alternative to the hag, but, she is a socialist in a skirt and will continue the Obama agenda.

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