Colorado Trump protest over Cruz delegate sweep draws fewer than 200

by Valerie Richardson  |  published on April 17, 2016

The Colorado protest organized by frustrated supporters of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump didn’t quite live up to the hype.

Local news footage showed that between 100 and 200 Trump fans gathered outside the Colorado state capitol Friday to denounce last weekend’s GOP convention results, which saw Texas Sen. Ted Cruz win all 34 delegates.

The crowd fell fall short of the thousands predicted after Mr. Trump denounced the Colorado Republican Party last week for what he described as a “rigged” and “crooked” process.

Delegates elected at the March 1 caucuses competed for the 34 delegate slots at last weekend’s convention in Colorado Springs, which was attended by about 4,000 Republicans, but Trump backers insisted they were disenfranchised.

  • Colo43

    Take into consideration our weather /or there would had been many many more there. “Trump2016”

    • Terry Hoagland

      The left media loves it when there’s negative things about Trump they eat it up and blow it out of proportion like you said Colo43 the weather could have been the reason that 200 showed up!

      • Myrtle Linder

        The leftists are not the only ones putting Trump down. In his own race, thousands are disappointed in his self righteous, unrighteous dealings,selfish, mean-mouth unfair words. He is not fit for a liberal or a Conservative, even though he is more liberal than he is conservative, the liberals don’t want him either, the best that can be said about him is he is a hypocrite!!.

        • Terry Hoagland

          Why don’t you vote for the communist or the lying murder or hypocrite Cruz!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Myrtle Linder

            I’ll Make you a bargain, if I ever need help choosing for whom to vote, I’ll call on you,since it seems that you are so able to give advice! Of course that advice does not run alone Christian lines, seems that it follows more liberal anti-CHRIST lines, so we must be careful about following it..

          • Terry Hoagland

            You are right nobody is perfect.

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