Cruz says still ‘doing everything’ to win Indiana

May 2, 2016

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz admits he’s putting all his eggs into Indiana, but a new poll suggests a win Tuesday in the Hoosier State’s Republican presidential primary against front-runner Donald Trump may be too high a mountain to climb.

“I’m barnstorming the state,” Cruz said on ABC’s “This Week.” “I’m in a bus with my family, doing everything we can to earn the votes of the men and the women in this state. We are competing hard here. I hope we do well here.”

He made the comments the same day as a new NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll showing Trump leading him by 15 percentage points in Indiana, 49-to-34 percent.

Cruz suggested last week that Indiana will decide the GOP presidential contest among him, Trump and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

  • Eleanor Cummings

    Marie Knight says: I hope the people of Indiana and Ohio see that crooked deal Cruz and Kasich have made. I believe in the freedom of choice, but those two have made it clear, they are taking that choice away. I just want the people of Indiana to have that choice and not have one person jammed in their face. Cruz is as dirty as a snake, with this move he is taking Kasich down with him. The Republican party should be ashamed to have someone who lies, cheats, bribes, and steals as a candidate running for the highest office in America. I for one have lost what little respect I had for Cruz and Kasich.

    JOE WATSON Upaces says: I Agree! Too bad the RNC does not see it that way. If they pass him by – Millions of his voters will simply not vote for Any Senate or Congress Republican running for reelection! They might still vote for the Nominated Candidate So As Not To Vote for Hillary….but not the others. Watch and Mark my Word. Hopefully the delegates in attendance will have thought this out too!
    Interesting to see Why Kasich or Cruz Feel they will get the switch over delegates – could be they will switch from Cruz or Kasich to Trump that way insuring Trump Wins on the Second Ballot. What Do you Think? (I myself think they are both shysters working hard to get a brokered convention.)

  • Tchiock

    Ted is the only answer to the disaster in Washington..

    • Eleanor Cummings

      Before or after this “Messiah” Cruz sells off America??

      These are just a few random picks from


      22) Ted Cruz Boasts Endorsement from Convicted Stalker and “Kill the gays” Preacher! (Link:

      (Here he shows his flip-flop, hypocritical stance on this issue.

      23) FLASHBACK 2014: This Ted Cruz Bill gives shocking new powers to…Barack Obama? (Link:

      (He really SUPPORTS Obama )

      37) 2014: A) Ted Cruz wants to Sell OUR National Parks to Private Owners

      B) Ted Cruz Launches Senate Fight To Auction Off America’s Public Lands (Link:

      (Oh, yes, how WELL he loves America!! Uh, huh!)

      38) IOWA GOV, TERRY BRANSTAD, WANTS CRUZ DEFEATED: “Ted Cruz must be defeated.” People do NOT like Ted (Link:

      (Even his peers in the senate don’t like or trust him)

      40) How Corrupt Lawyer Ted Cruz Helped George W. Bush Steal The 2000 Election. (Link:

      (And he’s trying to do the same against Trump – by manipulating and using bribery)

      41) Top Ted Cruz Activist Jumps Ship…Joins Donald Trump Campaign (Link:

      (He found out the truth about Cruz)

      42) Ted Cruz Visits Texas Border To Welcome Illegal Alien Families (Link:

      (Now go back and listen to his ORIGINAL speeches when his campaign first started, especially what his stance was on immigration and open borders. THEN LISTEN TO TRUMP’S ORIGINAL SPEECHES!! A bit of plagiarizing on Ted’s part, wouldn’t you say? He stole Trump’s speeches, almost word for word. Now that takes guts!!)

      43) WATCH: Ted Cruz Cannot Explain His Position On AMNESTY BILL (Link:

      (Cruz certainly doesn’t want the AMERICAN PUBLIC to know that his wife Heidi is a MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS AND VOTED TO MERGE AMERICA, MEXICO AND CANADA!! Which explains his WEAK position on Immigration! (This part I found scary)! Wise up, he’s not who you think he is but claims to be!)


      (Now, can you, or WILL you check this and the next two out yourself?)

      45) Open letter to Mark Levin: Re: Ted Cruz! (Link:

      46) Why Ted Cruz just let America down. And why I’m sorry I campaigned for him! (Link:

  • SDofAZ

    Good to know even Ted knows he is loosing.

  • willr3

    Why don’t he take his own advice and drop out before he completely his political future.


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