Cuomo Lifts Talking Points From Pro-Union Think Tank

by Bill McMorris  |  published on May 10, 2015

Andrew Cuomo

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo allegedly plagiarized talking points from a think tank connected to the shadowy Democracy Alliance.

Cuomo published an op-ed in the Thursday New York Times calling for a substantial hike to the starting wage paid to fast food workers. Capital New York found that he relied heavily on the words of the National Employment Law Project, a pro-union activist group that is listed as a recipient of the Democracy Alliance, as well as other Democratic think tanks and liberal political apparatus.

A talking point from a [Working Families Party] memo circulated in January 2014 says, “More than 600 economists, including seven Nobel Prize laureates, recently affirmed the growing consensus that low-wage workers benefit from modest increases in the minimum wage without causing job loss.”

The governor wrote in the Times, “More than 600 economists, including seven Nobel Prize laureates, have affirmed the growing consensus that raising wages for the lowest-paid workers doesn’t hurt the economy.”

  • Buck Houston

    All the hyena of the left are in for a very big awakening.

  • Stephen Crowley

    I live in New York State and would expect nothing less from King Andrew being the Liberal Scumbag that he is.

  • John VanderKelen

    Bought and paid for by made in America unions using a plagiarizing unconstitutional progressive who hypocritically decrys special interest influence of Republicans.

  • Gnowark

    The governor that has to mis-use Emergency Procedures (message of necessity) to get his budgets passed so the contents aren’t publicized until it’s too late? You might as well say it ain’t so, andy; I ALREADY know I can’t believe anything More(land) you have to say. You…, you…, you…, Politician, you!

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