Cuomo Moves Against Therapy That Claims to Make Gay Children Straight

February 7, 2016

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York on Saturday announced a series of measures intended to eliminate so-called conversion therapy, a practice that claims the ability to reverse same-sex attraction in some people but that has been widely discredited by scientists and criticized by gay-rights groups.

Mr. Cuomo’s plan relies on economic incentives meant to discourage conversion therapy’s use on young people. Insurers in New York, for instance, will now be prohibited from covering the cost of such therapy for anyone under 18.

That action — issued through the State Financial Services Department — would be combined with a new regulation from the State Health Department that would prohibit the use of Medicaid to pay for conversion therapy. Centers overseen by the State Office of Mental Health would also be barred from providing conversion therapy to minors, according to the governor’s office.

Taken as a whole, the new regulations would severely restrict conversion therapy, which Mr. Cuomo called “a hateful and fundamentally flawed practice” in a statement.

  • elda

    So in essence what he is doing is outlawing mental health care. Why doesn’t he just say it is normal for people to be bipolar or schizophrenic, or NPD or BPD or HPD or anyone of the many mental health issues that happen to people for a number of reasons? It used to be that the mental health providers would not allow the mentally ill to suck them into their illness. They would try to make them stay in reality or at lest get them as close as possible. Now it is what ever feels good no matter if it is destructive or not. I am so grateful I am not growing up in a time when the adults are more childish than the children. Most of the illnesses I name above come from adults that suffer from it inflicting it on the next generation. That goes for homosexuality too.

    • AKLady

      No what he is doing is outlawing snake oil salesmen and frauds.
      Science has already documented that homosexuality is genetic. The gene is passed by the mother. Homosexuality is a gender, not a mental illness or a sin.
      Homosexuality has been documented in 14,000 mammalian species.
      Get and education, it cures bigotryl.

      • Pam

        A lot of scientists also say that a child/adolescent mind is not capable of making that lifelong “choice”. Then you have lib/progs in education that are pushing an agenda and attempting to indoctrinate young minds.
        But, to your point, if it is genetic, then where does the “QUESTIONING” part come in? Remember a few years ago when “they” added Q to the LGBT “logo”?
        Also, ALCOHOLISM is said to be “genetic”. My father drank every day of the 28 years that my parents lived in Chicago. The day they moved out, he simply stopped and never took another drink for the rest of his life. My brother started drinking at the age of 12 and could not stop. He had finally made the decision to go to AA the day before he was stabbed to death at 27. Watching my father and brother, I made the conscious decision to not drink and (other than one sloe gin fizz to celebrate my and a close friend’s mutual 21st birthday) I have not drunk alcohol for 37 years.
        My point is, genetics or not, people make their own choices.

        • AKLady

          Yes, Pam, some alcholism is genetic.
          The people so affected are Asian and Native America.
          Their bodies process alcohol differently.
          Others, like your father, are simply addicts.
          However, the “pleasure” part of the brain may function differently for those who become addicted to alcohol, food, sugar…

          The points you missed is 1) alcohal is legal and 2) not everyone is aware they carry the “addiction gene”.


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