Ex-attorney says D.C. Madam’s phone records are ‘relevant’ to presidential race

March 30, 2016

The lawyer who represented the D.C. Madam is asking the Supreme Court to lift a restraining order that prevents him from releasing phone records from his former client’s escort service, saying the records could influence the outcome of the upcoming presidential election.

A restraining order in place since 2007 has prevented Montgomery Blair Sibley from releasing the records — including names, addresses, phone numbers and Social Security numbers — related to so-called “D.C. Madam” Deborah Palfrey’s escort business.

But he believes the public should have the right to see the records ahead of upcoming state primaries and the Democratic and Republican national conventions.

“It is my opinion that the material that is in my possession is relevant to the presidential election,” Mr. Sibley told The Washington Times in an interview Monday.

  • Danny Reagan

    It’s very easy to create a list of names, numbers, even credit card numbers. My wife and I ate dinner at a restaurant, paid with a credit card.when the monthly statement came someone charged a $1350.00 cruse on her card. They could add anyone’s name to the list.

  • Wolfman

    Let it rip!! All activities: Birth Records : Health Records: past traffic violations,arrests,positive civilian activity awards; School records including disciplinary records while in school, scholarships, grades, etc. everything!!! Good or Bad needs to be available to the Public. If you apply for any serious management position in Private Industry most of these records ( aside from Health Records) are required BEFORE you will even be considered. The Presidency is the Highest Executive in the Country…the Citizenry needs to know the Candidates FULL History…warts and all. Besides, based on what I see most of the electorate is too illiterate or ignorant to comprehend facts and would be spoon fed lies /twisted interpretations of facts by the MSM and the readers of this site and similar sites would still be the only ones who would actually read and know what was on the Record….but at least we wouldn’t have to speculate.

    • DAVE

      What the hell is wrong with all you idiots?

  • Robert McFate

    Got a feeling that that little black book will affect both parties.

  • Momma Beth

    This we get to see (potentially), but it takes whatever is closest to an act of God to see Hillary’s records that “the public should have a right to see.”

  • Dirtybird38

    Assuming that the “client” list of Johns includes one or more of the currently viable candidates, that may be titillating information, but I don’t see how it would be relevant to anyone except perhaps a spouse. We’re supposed to be evaluating people to choose the one most qualified and suited to be the next POTUS. That some guy (presumably) paid to have his ashes hauled by a willing entrepreneurial woman, doesn’t make the needle move much for me.

    • kathy diamond

      Dirtybird38, The needle would move if it contained the name of Cruz Mr. Bible Holder. I would laugh if it was Kasich Mr. Straight & Narrow, Mr. Black & White, No Gray.

      • Dirtybird38

        Kathy, I do not condone infidelity.However, we have had many men in the WH who have served the country extremely well even though their attention to their marital vows were less than exemplary. I’d refer you to Kennedy, FDR, Ike; even Clinton, a cheater and abuser, among, what I would expect to be, more we know and don’t know about.

        • kathy diamond

          Dirtybird38, I was leaning toward his honesty. Personally I don’t care what he does on his own time, but he can never quite answer a question and that bothers me.

          • Dirtybird38

            Well when it comes to answering the question, you’ll never get a straight forward answer (except maybe from Bernie more than the others) to a question they think might cost them a vote. When you see Hillary flat out lie about her past positions with the juxtaposing video pointing out her lies, it’s enough to make your skin crawl. But sadly, she’s not alone.

          • kathy diamond

            Dirtybird38, Maybe it’s a Political Disease called P/C

  • Rodger K. Shull

    OPEN UP THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK. it is an ELECTION YEAR, PLEASE BRING OUT THE DIRT, lets see the self anointed an others that have put themselves in a HIGH LIGHT above the rest of us, SQUIRM an SWEAT an GET NERVOUS, let all see were are TAXPAYER MONEY really goes, for PARTY TIME in DC , let see how the other have lives. on OUR DIME

    • po’ed in az

      Only so long as it is the Entire list and not just one or two. And, I don’t believe this lawyer should be the one to release it. There should be a third party panel of at least 3 people picked from the general population, outside of DC so that there are checks and balances in place to ensure the entire list is released regardless of position or political affiliation. I’m thinking along the lines of a farmer, maybe a former coal miner and possibly a single mom trying to raise a kid or two on part time waitress wages.

      • Rodger K. Shull

        YES, I agree, 100 an 50 % with you, everyone of them. an YES more than one person, at least 3 people besides this lawyer, people that are just regular working blue collar types. NO POWER TYPES, or want to be power types, CHECK an BALANCES of the powers that are, is a thing of the past, all most,

      • Harvey Thomas Creech

        I mostly agree with you, but ask who is going to pick the 3rd party panel of at least 3 picked from the general population outside of DC. That leaves millions and millions of people . What would be the criteria for choosing these supposedly unsullied folks who would have nothing to gain by seeing that the “little black book” is released. And then what? There are all kinds of ramifications to releasing the list and the potential for blackmail, extortion, etc.


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