Maryland Delegate To Introduce Bill Targeting Terror-Tied Mosques

by by Jordan Schachtel  |  published on February 3, 2016

Maryland Delegate David Vogt, a veteran of a combat unit within the U.S. Marine Corps, will be introducing a bill targeting the tax-exempt status of radical mosques while the Maryland General Assembly is in session on Tuesday, Breitbart News has learned.

His bill, The Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, was drafted to “restrict and revoke” the tax-exempt status of any “mosque or organization that is found, through cooperation with [Department of Homeland Security], to have direct or indirect ties to terrorism,” Vogt’s office said.

The Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act will target the “prohibition on exemptions and credits for organizations having known ties to terrorism,” a draft of the bill obtained by Breitbart News reads. The bill covers not only religious institutions, but also any other 501(c)(3) organization, according to its text.

The Maryland Delegate’s coming announcement is timed to precede President Obama’s Wednesday visit to the Islamic Society of Baltimore, a mosque that was led for eighteen years by an Imam who condoned suicide bombings and had associations to radical groups.

  • Luke

    All mosque should be torn down and its followers removed from America..

  • Andrew

    It’s about time.

  • Michael Lloyd

    Interesting bit of information:
    The mosque President Obama has chosen to honor with his presence — the Islamic Society of Baltimore (ISB) — has a history of ties to extremist Muslim groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Dave N.

    Its sad that some are moving to this type of government action, there are more then enough laws on the books to handle this. Unfortunately the current administration is interfering with local, state and constitutional law every time Islam is involved. As a result Islamists are beginning to exert their strengths unabated and without fear of being discovered, leaving some to believe more laws, rules, and regulations are required. This will interfere with every tax exempt organizations rights, and more importantly the rights of you and me. This continual erosion of state and federal constitutions has to stop. Legislation being passed requiring unconstitutional actions is a very dangerous threat to this country and everything it stands for.

  • Chuck

    Outstanding!!!! The tax exempt status should be revoked for all mosques. Islam is not a religion and mosques are nothing more than centers for terror. A better solution is use the imminent domain clause and take them all over and convert them into day care centers, homeless shelters, Christian churches (there are many meeting in homes, schools, store fronts, etc) and other uses for civic functions.

  • Vassiliki

    My question is, if the FBI knows they have ties to terrorists then why are they not shut down?! That would be qualified as aiding and abetting the enemy. The Imam should also be arrested and deported. They are hiding behind these mosques and destroying us. If I had a business and in the back I was running a prostitution ring I would be shut down and thrown in jail! What kind of country do we live in that allows such things? This is not the country anymore that my parents immigrated to back in the 1940’s.

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