Five Syrians Stopped at Laredo International Bridge One

by Valerie Gonzalez  |  published on November 23, 2015

Five more Syrians have been stopped at a Laredo port of entry on Friday. This brings the total number of Syrians seeking to enter the US through our city this week up to 13.

According to a statement from the Department of Homeland Security, five Syrian nationals presented themselves at the Gateway to the Americas Bridge. A family consisting of a man, woman and child, and two other men were taken into custody by Customs and Border Protection — a standard procedure.

The statement reads that CBP “checked their identities against numerous law enforcement and national security related databases. Records checks revealed no derogatory information about the individuals. CBP turned them over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for further processing and placement in an ICE facility.”

  • The Redhawk

    OK this is getting TOO many Syrians “DEPOSITED” at our Southern Border…..How did they Get There??? Who paid for the FLIHJTS?? Camels do not Fly nor do they Carry ISIS OIL….or is BHO=ZO Air ferrying them in????

  • Pam

    Why weren’t they turned back? Why were they brought in?
    And yet, when we talk about closing the border, all the lib/progs have to say is, “you’re a racist, you hate latinos/hispanics.” They just ignore all the eastern hemisphere terrorists that ALSO use that wide open southern border. After all, you know, they all have dark hair and dark eyes, so the “NOT RACIST” lib/progs really can’t tell the difference.

  • C K Johnson

    Obama will have them Released from ICE ! The are his Muslim Brothers and Sisters. Everyone knows that the Muslim’s are only upset because of Global Climate change. And the fact they cannot find any Camel Jockey jobs anymore.

    • The Redhawk

      He should invite them to Occupy his EMPTY illegally Gotten Mansion in SO Chi after a few weeks of ORIENTATION at the WH and see How they use AK 47.s and IED’s and BORE them with his daily usual COW PIE speeches to get them to “OVERREACT”

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