Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Ramsey: ‘We Are Sitting on a Powder Keg’

July 11, 2016

Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey told NBC News Sunday morning that the United States is “sitting on a powder keg” as tensions between police and communities across the nation boil over into tumultuous and sometimes violent protests.

Ramsey, who passed the helm of the Philadelphia Police Department last year, was tapped in 2014 by President Obama to lead his Task Force on 21st Century Policing. The White House established the task force to take a hard look at police-community relations in the wake of calls for more police accountability and a number of earlier killings by police that stoked controversy.

“You can call it a powder keg, you can say that we’re handling nitroglycerin,” Ramsey told NBC News’ Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press.” “But obviously when you just look at what’s going on, we’re at a very critical point in the history of this country.”

Ramsey went on to day that he fears the Republican and Democratic National Conventions won’t go off without some kind of incident occurring. The climate is simply too volatile, he said.

“[The conventions] are going to be very challenging to handle, and I don’t think they’re going to go without some incident taking place. It’s unfortunate, but that’s what I personally think,” Ramsey said. “I hope that’s not the case, but you’ve got too many people that are now with this extreme rhetoric, and that is just not good for anybody. We need to come together. We need thoughtful people to sit down and engage in dialogue and actually come up with solutions.”

  • texexpatriate

    The “powder keg” was filled with Barack Obama’s messages to the Negro and Muslim communities, which essentially said, “Raise hell. We won’t oppose you.” What a piece of Muslim crap is that Obama! A Muslim, a traitor, and a Marxist. A traitor assuming he even is a natural born American citizen.

  • Tiger

    O has loosed the Demons he created onto us and fully intends to allow them to continue to grow and to riot with the goal being what? He set this up. I mean hindsight is 100% and if you remember all he has done to bring this divide from his professor friend to those rioters that are violent at Trump rallies. He and Soros got it going on and we will see a huge, tremendous event before he is out and yes might be at the conventions.

    He has already talked Federalizing all Police departments, how convenient will that be? Just like O micro manages the military and everything else in this country won’t he have fun with this? As a senator he wanted all people owning certain guns to be felons, the guns confiscated and the people jailed. Having the police in Chicago go door to door. This vermin in the WH has not changed his stripes.

    Notice pleas the Trump rioters, even those in the BLM this past week included Muslims, Hispanics and blacks. ISIS is recruiting big time from Hispanics and blacks. We know and have known for a fact that Imams have been recruiting in our prisons across our country for years converting blacks to Islam.

    The well laid plans of mice and men or rats and men coming to fruition as I type.

  • justinwachin

    A large part of the problem is the purveyors of racial strife see this as an opportunity to strengthen sagging business. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the rest of the race hucksters should either work to calm things down or they should shut up. They have made their living off turmoil not off making life better for the black people.

    I think most Americans would agree that any citizen deaths at the hands of a cop should be investigated and the policeman should be punished if that is warranted. Destroying property and killing innocent lawmen is not the way to solve the problem.

    The blacks who have made law enforcement officers “enemy number 1” should think this through. Do they really want to live in areas with no police presence? Do they really want communities patrolled my police who carry no weapons? More blacks die from black on black violence than die at the hands of law enforcement officers. If black neighborhoods become police-free zones the residents are likely to find their problems are going to increase significantly.

  • KKmoderate

    Here it is folks…how a dictatorship emerges with the igniting of people in the streets. It’s a playbook straight from history. Thank you Barack and his merry cohorts. And the people are too blinded to see it!

  • Rodney Steward

    The trouble, Barack Insane Obama, with the brains of Soros and muslim brotherhood (CAIR)!! And double all this problem if Hellary goes in!!

  • Captain Crunch

    The Communist/Marxist/Leftist/Regressive/BLM/NBPP are the ones that are not only using extreme rhetoric, but they have also used militant actions!
    They have not been called out on it because they are in alignment with the agenda of this administration.
    They have been ALLOWED and dare I say ENCOURAGED, by 0baaamao, and HIS rhetoric, to create this environment of hostility and the ‘powder keg’ of which Ramsey speaks!!


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