Former Red Sox pitcher Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee is running for governor of Vermont

by Nik DeCosta-Klipa  |  published on May 26, 2016

During his pitching career for the Boston Red Sox and Montreal Expos, Bill “Spaceman” Lee was always known for his off-speed stuff.

But this here is quite a curveball.

According to documents filed with Vermont Secretary of State’s office, the eccentric lefty he is running for governor of the Green Mountain State as the Liberty Union Party candidate. It’s the same ticket on which Sen. Bernie Sanders ran on in the 1970s, while Lee was throwing eephuses at Fenway Park.

Lee told WCAX he describes himself as “a pragmatic, conservative, forward thinker.” His platform includes the legalization and taxation of marijuana in Vermont, single-payer healthcare, and bringing the Expos back to Montreal.

  • Rodney Steward

    Single-payer healthcare, Like The Rest of The World,= Gov. run system! Boy, it’s really working great for our Vet, with their Gov. run V.A., they’re dying like flies! But I believe this is the plain, because Obamacare was not meant to work, just destroy the system to set up this single-payer BS!!

    • itsfun


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