George Washington reenactors make Christmas crossing of the Delaware River

by Associated Press  |  published on December 26, 2015

WASHINGTON CROSSING, Pa. – George Washington and his troops have made their annual Christmas Day trip across the Delaware River.

The re-enactors crossed the river between Pennsylvania and New Jersey on a 65-degree day Friday, considerably warmer than the actual crossing which took place on an ice-choked river during a snowstorm.

The annual Christmas tradition drew families and fans of history to both sides of the Delaware River for the 63rd annual re-enactment.

Boats ferried 2,400 soldiers, 200 horses and 18 cannons across the river during the original crossing.Washington’s troops marched 8 miles downriver before battling Hessian mercenaries in the streets of Trenton.

  • reagangs

    Not too many of todays “enactors” would have the cojones to cross the river in sub freezing/zero temps in the middle of a snow/sleet storm like the original party of the rag tag group with marginal clothing and foot wear and limited food. I’m glad the original “militia” of fearless Patriots made the journey and helped create the most exceptional Nation on the face of the Earth. Now, if we can just keep it that way.

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