July 20, 2015

An activist Chicago Catholic priest is trying a new tactic in his quest to stamp out the Second Amendment in Illinois. Now he is suing several nearby suburbs surrounding Chicago claiming that they are aiding and abetting the sale of illegal guns in Chicago.

Activist priest Father Michael Pfleger and a handful of co-plaintiffs are suing the suburban cities of Riverdale, Lyons, and Lincolnwood claiming that the municipalities are somehow allowing neighborhood gun shops to break laws with sales. These activists also claim in their lawsuit that the surrounding suburbs are in violation of the Illinois Civil Rights Act.

One of Pfleger’s claims is that the cities are allowing “straw purchases” to be carried out at gun shops in their jurisdictions.

  • Mark Pascucci

    This priest should be ex-communicated. He’s in direct violation of Papal teaching on the subject of defending life, liberty, and property.These policies were stipulated ( I believe in 1898), by the Pope. Nothing in these teachings holds peaceable citizens who possess arms culpable in ANY way, and states the need for society to use any reasonable means to protect itself.

  • tom2

    Just another deranged priest.

  • Fedup

    Take away his tax exempt status. Separation of church and state, once he gets involved in politics he gives it up. He is nothing more than a white al sharpton who claims to be a rev.

  • Thomas Goss

    Why doesn’t he fight that hard to protect the little boys from the priests, oh maybe he is one and is doing this to throw the spotlight on something other that that. And yea that is that rat bastard Jackson stand by him.

  • Tex Irvin

    stupidity and arrogance reaching new levels

  • Wolfman

    Gee!! My Parish has a Father Pfleger wannabe …must be the new Popes Socialist influence. Must be Election time coming up….this Obama sycophant pretty much dissed Hillary’s chances last time…lets see who he pulls for next…that’ll be the actual Democrat that the elites want… this guy is like Ramadan….pops up every four years ( instead of annually ) but he hangs around a loooong time pissing everyone off!!

  • scott

    wake up

    • billie

      Scott, I will pray for you to repent and have an attitude change. God’s love and mercy is there for all mankind.

  • unique201

    His church needs to lose their Tax Exemption.

  • mad as hell

    Stick to your bible and catechism and stay out of politics and the constitutional rights of American citizens. As far as I am concerned you are a disgrace to the priesthood and should be defrocked.

    • Mark Pascucci

      As a faithful Catholic, I say AMEN, brother!!

  • carpkiller

    Look who is standing next to him. Theres your reason.

  • Debbie

    This Priest needs to be replaced NOW.

    • TORO

      This is Pfleger’s way of fund raising.

  • Sharpshooter

    And these religious freaks question why they’re losing parishioners? Stick with saving souls and stay the hell out of politics. The minute one of them sticks their noses into politics, rescind their tax exempt status!

    • unique201

      I’m with you. I just posted the same thing above.

  • Terry Rushing

    Perhaps this “priest” should begin his campaign by posting large, clearly visible from the street, signs in front of each supporter stating the fact that this household does not believe in self defense and therefore contains no weapons. Following that, the good “reverend” can go lay down in the middle of an interstate to illustrate his faith that humanity is harmless and would not harm him. Idiot!

  • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq

    activist Chicago Catholic priest needs to be reported to his master and he needs to be replaced and or fired from being priest. I would walk out of any religions sermons he give, others needs to do the same.

  • Marty Koval

    Many people believe that the only way to prevent murder is for the
    government to enact more laws that will restrict or ban the possession of
    firearms. In 2013, there were 12,253 murders in the USA, in which:

    69.0% – Firearms
    2.2% – Knives or cutting instruments
    13.2% – Other weapons
    5.6% – Hands, fist, feet.

    Firearms, knives, fist and other type of weapons is not the problem. Banning anything that could be a weapon is not the solution and is impossible to do. The problem is the condition of the person’s heart who wants to murder and maim.

    The solution is for people to turn their lives over to Jesus and admit they are sinners (which is All people) with evil hearts. Via the Holy Spirit the converted sinners will transform their lives into one who loves instead of hates others.

    Many politicians and people do not want to hear this, but it is the
    Truth and The Only Way. Man through laws, regulations and coercion will not be
    a viable solution. People who are evil, will always find a way to cause harm and death, unless their evil hearts
    are changed.


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