Gun control group wants Oregon sheriff fired

October 6, 2015

A prominent gun-control advocate is calling for the resignation of the Oregon sheriff leading the investigation into the recent shooting, who he labeled a pro-gun “conspiracy theorist.”

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin ruffled feathers after it came to light that he sent Vice President Joe Biden a letter in January 2013, threatening to not enforce stronger gun laws.

According to reports, Hanlin also posted a conspiracy video on his Facebook page suggesting the government was behind the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting as well as the 9/11 terrorist attacks in a coordinated effort to “disarm the public.” He later distanced himself from the video and denied claims he is a conspiracy theorist.

  • Smitch

    The Sheriff is ELECTED! Elected by the People!

  • Rodger K. Shull

    if guns are outlawed, an taken away from the legal sane owners, then the demo-crapper lib-turds will have guns, because they will make up some reason. an buy a veto to make it so, the criminals they try a protect now will be the same ones they will be trying to protect themselves from.

  • Jane Jordan

    Has the group making these claims against this member of law enforcement opened their eyes and ears and done some research on Sandy Hook and some of the other shooting events in the past few years? The evidence of strangeness on Sandy Hook is beyond the pale. Some of the kids allegedly killed showed up at other schools. The school involved was torn down, and the people contracted to tear it down were required to send confidentiality agreements in which they agreed to keep the facts that there were no bullet holes and no blood a big secret. There was an ongoing police exercise going on at the school and next door, and the video footage used by the media for the children being led out of the school had been taken many months earlier! There is no evidence of Sandy Hook being real. When I saw the first photos coming out of Oregon, I saw people laughing and smiling in the photos. Sorry, but a real scene with real deaths shouldn’t be so merry. We also know that a police exercise occurred a few days earlier, and the feds knew about the shooter’s posting on social media the night before within minutes. Here we go with another Manifesto. What this “shooter” in Oregon has in common with other shooters is the fact that he was a very miserable young man taking a lot of legal drugs for many years, drugs which we all know result in violence, suicide and killing, yet tens of millions of Americans are woofing down these drugs. Sheriff Hanlin sounds like an open minded, intelligent person to me. Get off his Back!!!!

  • Dave Batz

    Simple facts, “Gun Free Zones” are supposed to be for the safety of the folks within those zones, but are not because they are “Safer” for the predators. Why else would a predator/criminal choose to go there with their weapons? Because their chances of being shot/stopped by a responsible law-abiding citizen or a law enforcement individual are significantly less.
    Another fact. Why is it everytime a responsible law-abiding gun owner stops a predator/criminal from commiting a evil act, there is no media coverage, there is no announcements of that by law-enforcement officials, there is basically no record of that by gov’t agencies, there is no awards of “Hero” status or medals given, except to law enforcement for stopping an evil act. Where are the statistics for that? Another “Oops”, or maybe on purpose?

  • Richard Schwartz

    All people who want a gun will get one. On line or another source. This outcry solves absolutely nothing. What the goal is to eliminate the second amendment. Hail king Obama

    • keith

      Guns cannot be bought on line. This liberal lies that foolish people beleive

      • Richard Schwartz

        Ever hear of Craigslist. Check it out.

        • keith

          Yes I have. But this a individual sale to an individual. This is not an on line purchase. Do you not understand the difference? All online sales must be shipped to a licensed dealer,where a background check will be performed. If you do not get okayed by our government you will not get the gun. Simple as that.There is no direct purchase except for blackpowder firearms

  • wildeagleone

    You a$$holes are way out there and I hope the next time you come up with this garbage next time you need law enforcement they are delayed getting to you because they are assisting an individual/group that believes in the right for all citizens to bear arms if deemed legally obtained

  • Debbie

    The one person that did everything right?

  • God Bless the Good Sheriff for being a Patriot, instead of a lying traitor like the godless Democratic Fecal Maggots!

  • Pam

    Wow, the lib/progs appear to have “vetted” a sheriff of a county with barely more than 100k people WAY BETTER than they “vetted” Soetoro! Whoda thunkit.

    • wildeagleone

      Are they so stupid as to know that the Sheriff is voted on by the people? ———OOPS yes they are that stupid come to think about it

  • teaman


  • Geezer Ted

    When was the First Amendment repealed?

  • Joe Hintz

    What the gd hell does these low-life, inbred knaves of hellspawn origin think they are in gov’t???? Personally I am out of patience with the SPINELESS American bunch, but beyond that…they want to outlaw guns!?!?!?!?! They’re ONLY a threat to the bastards who intend to do evil, and bully others!!!! I am not afraid, neither am I intimidable!!! I can defend me, and my loved with/without a weapon, and will! I hope some “gov’t agent”(pig, etc.)gets hold of this. I am sick to death of the ass backward thinking of this freaking U.S. people who think it’s okay to condemn innocence, and justify the corrupt/evil!!!! Feminists get to trash out us otherwise decent males by laying with us long enough to get knocked up, then take the kids in a home with any sonofabitch with a dick, we don’t even get to have or see our children, but are expected to pay for something we cannot HAVE???? What the fuck?! Why doesn’t anyone but me seem to give a bloody damn???? then take our means of self defense which is as American as apple pie??? Here’s a partial list of shit that kills, and is”legal!” AIDS, COPS, Clintons, muslims, niggers, parvo, stupidity, death, ….NEED I CONTINUE???? NONE of what the satanic gov’t is regulating(anti-constitutionally)is responsible for its own existence, or use!!!! This nation of “men”(???)talk shit, but nobody does anything until it is too late???!!!! Just being a MILITARY person is all there is to it? I take my “talk” with my walk EVERYWHERE I am, and so far I am still alive!!!! I promise to stand for what I believe in every way if it costs my life, and it very well may soon, because I live by my belief in God’s word, and our constitution!!!! I wouldn’t even waste another breath praying for this sorry-ass nation!!!!! I challenge whoever has balls enough to comeback on this, because I’d tuly like to know I raised someone’s ire enough to at least TRY to convince me that there a few MEN left!!!!! BE blessed ye cowards, and check out a cool verse in Revelation 21:8!!!!!! As long as this goatfux piece of Jew hating shit is in chargeEXPECT more repercussions from God!!!!!


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