Guns soon allowed on Texas college campuses; governor to sign bill

by Douglas Ernst  |  published on June 4, 2015


Texas college students at public universities will soon be allowed to carry firearms on campus.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbot said he will soon sign the “campus carry” bill passed by the Texas legislature over the weekend.

The Texas House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 11 on Sunday with a 98-47 vote. Private universities, however, are able to opt out of the bill’s requirements.

“I am duty-bound to protect Second Amendment rights parallel to private property rights. We must protect most private property rights equally, and not protect one or the other,” state Sen. Brian Birdwell, Granbury Republican, said during negotiations between the two chambers, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

  • quiltenlady

    Thank you we called every one that Friday my husband call one on his cell I called then next one.So I feel my husband and I helped !!!!! Yes we are Texan and GOD HAS BLESSED TEXAS !!!!!

  • tom2

    I doubt that any professors will walk out. Tenure trumps principles.

  • Smitch

    Great job Texas!

  • John VanderKelen

    Concealed carry is a proven deterrent to crime.

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