1776 Coalition :: Heavy turnout in Nevada after long push to drive Latino vote

Heavy turnout in Nevada after long push to drive Latino vote

November 6, 2016

Nevada VotersLAS VEGAS — It was more than two hours after early voting was scheduled to end at a Mexican grocery store in Las Vegas and the last voters were still trickling out of the sliding glass doors, fresh from casting their ballots next to mounds of dried chiles, rows of piñatas and a horchata stand.

Isabel Garcia and her two young children stood firm for about two hours in a line that at one point snaked back and forth several times over in front of the supermarket in this heavily Hispanic neighborhood. Democratic operatives joked on Twitter that Donald Trump was finally getting his wall – a crush of Nevadans like Garcia who were determined to vote against him.

“It’s a lot more personal than other elections,” said Garcia, a 36-year-old old restaurant worker. “I have the power of my voice so I have to enforce my voice and come out and vote for the people who can’t do it.”

Heavy turnout in the neighborhood, and the 6 percentage point statewide turnout lead that Democrats logged in the two-week early voting period that ended Friday, comes amid a painstaking effort to translate Nevada’s sizeable Latino population into a political “firewall” that puts victory out of reach for Trump and other Republicans.

Hispanics account for about 28 percent of this swing state’s population but tend to vote less frequently than other groups. Their underwhelming participation is part of the reason Republicans seized widespread power in Nevada in the 2014 elections.

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  • doug says:

    All of you who are voting for Hillary are her slave voters you’ll see, she doesn’t care a flip about the Hispanics !

    1. EH says:

      Actually she does! She uses theirs, and other children and young adults for sexual gratification along with Bill, on an Island owned by a convicted pedophile. And, she has, and continues to use Hispanics for votes, because she feels they are not knowledgeable, or are naive about American politics.

      If Hispanics, or anyone else understood just these two aspects, they would not throw their vote away on this Clinton slime!

  • Jose says:

    Why a voting booth at a Mexican grocery store; to make sure that the votes were for democrats only and if anyone even hinted otherwise, they would not be allowed to vote? What happened to having this done at a city hall or library, oh I forgot, those voting cannot read English only Spanish.

  • David Tierney says:

    All I can say is, This woman is an idiot to think Hillary will do anything for her or her community.

  • Karll says:

    And how many of them are illegals?

  • Luke says:

    Staying open after 7PM was illegal and the reason was they were busing in dem voters from God knows where, dems cannot win without cheating..

    1. Yvonnejfritz says:

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  • JIMBO says:

    It is to bad that they think Clinton will help them. Killary is out for herself and no one else. If the Spanish speaking people are concerned about there livelihood, which is why most of them are in this country, they should understand that Trump is not there enemy. There is a lot more going on at our boarder than illegal immigrants. Namely drugs, which are destroying the lives of thousands of people.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      And these same Drugs are also making a lot of politicians rich, and most of these latino’s are not staying informed!

    2. EH says:

      You made Good points. But, Jimbo, ” There” is a place. “Their ” is a person or people (a possessive). Language is important because people take what you have to say more seriously.

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