Hillary’s Campaign Launch Directs Views To ‘Dead’ YouTube Page

by Grabien  |  published on April 12, 2015

hillary-madShortly after 3 PM ET, [Sunday] the Hillary Clinton for president campaign officially kicked off. Rumors began Friday that a video and tweet announcing the campaign would come Sunday morning. So what explains the delay?

Still unclear.

But as of this post being published, the YouTube channel linked on HillaryClinton.com — where visitors are told to “Subscribe to the Hillary 2016 Youtube channel” — doesn’t work. Going there results in a message from YouTube that “this channel is not available.”

Clinton’s campaign video is instead hosted on a YouTube channel that has yet to be affiliated with the YouTube.com/HillaryClinton link advertised on HillaryClinton.com.

Perhaps this is the glitch the campaign was hoping to fix in these intervening hours? …

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  • the redhawk

    Did she Really HIRE the same Idiots that Created the ODUMBOCARE Web Site???

  • Garx72

    DavidinMA, YOU are soo correct.

  • fred

    one step over the edge

  • John

    This story is so funny. Hillary is not funny , but this story is hilarious, pun intended!

  • David in MA

    If hag Hillary becomes president two things are certain:
    1. The vote was rigged &
    2. America will be lost to a continuation of Obama’s Islamic Marxist agenda.

  • K9

    Did she erase the site when she erased all of her E-MAILS?

    This is something we don’t need as the president of the UNITED STATES

    • David Kent

      The U.S. cannot afford a third term. Of someone like Obama. Hillary will tell you anything that you want to hear. In order to get your vote. It is very obvious how desperate Mrs. Clinton is. She will lie, erase e-mails, She won’t tell the truth when things matter. I personally question her values. What has she done that means anything. When she was in a position of authority? She doesn’t know how to work with people. Therefor if she was elected President of the U.S. She would have a difficult time, getting anything passed. No don’t vote for Hillary. We need a fresh face in the White House. With some new ideas, and with a sense of purpose. With someone who would keep their word. Respectfully, David Kent

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