Hollywood Ramps up Anti-gun Campaign

May 29, 2016

Gun control advocates and Hollywood have long been allied in an effort to propagandize the public against firearm ownership. However, as detailed in an April 27 piece in entertainment industry trade publication Variety, anti-gun groups and television and film producers are increasingly collaborating on projects and escalating their campaign to indoctrinate viewers.

As we noted back in March, gun control groups and Hollywood have often worked hand in hand to condition the public. Since 2000, the Entertainment Industries Council, whose purported goal is “Encouraging the entertainment industry to more effectively address and accurately depict major health and social issues,” has urged content producers to explore anti-gun scenarios and talking points in their television programs and films. The messaging effort was developed with the participation of Brady Campaign and handgun prohibitionist organization Violence Policy Center. For a time, anti-gun benefactor the Joyce Foundation even granted awards for television programs and films that most faithfully followed their anti-gun directives.

The Variety article makes clear that Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown intends to use an accommodating entertainment industry to amplify their anti-gun propaganda. The piece points to an NRA-fueled storyline in the latest season of Netflix political drama “House of Cards” as one example. Everytown President John Feinblatt consulted with the show’s writers, supposedly in order to “make sure they got it right.” As is often the case with propaganda, Feinblatt and the show’s writers did not get it right when it came to their characterization of federal gun laws or NRA’s grassroots activism. Everytown also arranged that the website for the show’s fictional gun control group redirects to their own.

Illustrating the scope of Everytown’s plans to conscript members of the entertainment industry, the Bloomberg front group has an employee entirely devoted to this effort, dubbed their “Director of Cultural Engagement.” The position is held by long-time public relations flack Jason Rzepka. Earlier this year, Rzepka’s was quoted in numerous articles about Everytown’s successful effort to get the taxpayer-subsidized National Basketball Association to promote gun control. According to a description found in Rzepka’s Linkedin.com profile, “He oversees Everytown’s storytelling efforts, partnerships with the creative community and develops cultural assets that mobilize Americans to support common sense reforms…” A less creative description of Rzepka’s position might acknowledge that he works to brainwash the public.

  • Warren

    Let them start by removing all Guns & Weapons from TV & Movies after they do that their scripts will be down to about 2 &1/2 pages (one sided)

  • The Redhawk

    Who are these CRAZY LOONS attacking for carrying guns??? Illegals like the One that ELIMINATED Katie STEINLE in SF ??? HIGH crimes in Sanctuary Cities??? THUGS in SO CHICAGO??? Anarchists carrying guns at political Rallies and shoot cops in uniforms and Carry the BLACK LIES MATTER ” banners?? or PRIVATE CITIZEN who MUST be able to SAFEGUARD THEIR HOMES AND FAMILIES from ILLEGALS and DOMESTIC NUT JOBS carrying guns and committing crimes that progressive LIBERALISM has CREATED????

  • Mys77

    Hollyweird…..a cesspool of waste.

  • onefour

    You are so right James. The violence in the movies has grown worse every year and with every movie as they try to top the latest one

  • Jim Baum

    I was just wondering, Is there anyone out there, besides myself that has noticed that in every movie, TV crime show, and phony docudrama. That “bloneywood” puts out these days. The bad guys are always armed with full automatic rifles, loads of antitank rocket launchers and oodles of high grade explosives. While the poor guys and gals behind the badge. Are forced to defend themselves (and we the people). Armed with only revolvers and semiautomatic pistols. Occasionally they might get their hands on a pump shotgun. But more often or not, they have to wait on the arrival of a S.W.A.T. team to back them up.??

  • margaret

    Most of hollywood are liars, communists, and just a bunch of low lifes. they do not practice what they preach and are guarded by men with guns. Their communist president has let in millions of illegals. Among them are ISSIS, criminals and gun and gang lords along with syrians , some among them want to kill us, and they want our guns so they can cut off our heads. stay out of our lives and fix your own.

  • Joseph Riley

    Let’s start reducing ‘gun violence’ by eliminating ALL guns from Movies, TV, all entertainment media – RIGHT NOW!!! In the last Hawaii 50 TV series I saw, there were more than 3000 rounds expended (but no reloads were required, go figure!!, by 20+ weapons (all guns) – mass street fighting all over the Island. REALLY?? Is that stopping ‘gun violence’? I think NOT!

  • WhiteFalcon

    They may well sell as many guns as Hillary does.

    • studi30

      Except if the Hildabeast gets into the WH we will lose all as she appoints Supreme Court Justices who will take the 2nd Amendment away.

      • WhiteFalcon

        You are correct.

  • johncq1

    Just more lies being told that the gullible believe. Much like the doctored up couric mocumentory . Cut edit splice whatever it takes to make the story into their vision.

  • Rodney Steward

    These Hollywood Pansies continue to live in their make believe world with their armed guards and living in their fine homes, and like politicians believing they’re Gods! Like George Coony, (perverted) to islam, then married a butt ugly muslim, has been an Obama butt kisser from the start, and is BIG into gun control, but he is a muslim now and has their same wants! I’ll never watch another Coony movie again! OH, and did everyone know that Dr. OZ has perverted to islam also!!

  • James

    If Helliwood really wanted to do something to stop gun violence, they would stop making movies about gun violence. They are all just a bunch of hypocrites and as stated elsewhere in these comments, let them give up their armed guards first to show their dedication to the anti-gun agenda!

    • Combatvet52

      They are a bunch of parasite AH…..do as i say not what i do……screw you Hollyballbusters, I have my guns and i’m keeping them.

      • James

        Totally agree; comrade. Thank you for your service and love the “Lizzy”.

        • Combatvet52

          Thanks that was my Dads car way back when 1918
          he purchased it in 1920

      • The Redhawk

        LOCK and LOAD and have Back up CLIPS!!! …NEVER cave in to HOLLYWEIRDS !!!
        SEMPER FI …..

        • Combatvet52


          • The Redhawk


  • David in MA

    How many of these Hollywood people have armed security guards and why do they?

    • The Redhawk

      Just about 99.9% For the Purpose of SURVIVAL….

      • David in MA

        But the great unwashed masses must be left to the fear of attack by thugs?

        • The Redhawk

          ONLY in “SAFE” CITES and ZONES.just like the ones in sanctuary cities, SO CHI, NYC etc etc where IDIOTS have been allowed to take over.by the Very same HOLLYWEIRD TYPES and INSANE POLITCIANS that have Armed Guards to save their sorry “COLONS”……Otherwise we The People can Defend ourselves…

  • Charles

    If every true American would boycott their stupid movies, maybe the two-faced nuts would get the message. They love all the big bucks they make off of the action movies using guns, but don’t want the average citizen to be able to defend their selves.

    • nhchaz

      Yes, and I find it interesting that Hollywood’s writers and producers enjoy huge and continued profits from movies that promote violence through gunfire….lots of it ~! And I harken back to the nites of Starsky and Hutch TV shows where I would marvel at the enormous amount of ammunition expended during each episode…Even then, as a middle 20’s and early 30’s firearms owner and collector and competition shooter, I was concerned how these images would reflect on young inter- city kids who would think how cool it must be to own a pistol and use it to settle childish arguments. The ones who are involve have two common integers.. 1. .irresponsible and mind numbed youth due to violent motion pictures they mimic, and 2. the other part of the problem, un-reported and un-controlled mental illness. Think of it…in each photo of the perpetrators, the one thing each pic has in common is that obvious look of a human being suffering from mentally illness…i.e. a vacant look in their eyes, or with James Holmes, the Colorado shooter, that saucer-eyed look of a psychotic, and with the South Carolina Church shooter…his “Tongue proturbing between his lips and that noticeable high-as-a-kite look,,,a real mouth breather ! ….Holy crap…who the hell would have sold a gun to this nut? Lets go to the obvious psycho who shot Gabby Gifford.

      But everybody know this guy was a nut ! And then Adam Lanza…His mom knew he was a nut, yet she withheld this info and allowed him to handle weapons, and she died for this . These are the real causes of our gun problem…not the guns or gun owners. I have always been a responsible gun owner, Every one of my gun owning contemporaries share my thoughts about this….And I know all of them must have cringed and shook their heads each time events like the Colorado theater mass killings and the Columbine high school and Connecticut elementary school tragedies kept coming and ginned-up the campaigns to disarm honest and responsible citizens of their right to own and keep firearms. That is the real crime here…

      Hollywood needs to own up to its complicity in the scheme of this terrible epidemic. And last of all, with the current influx of so-called middle east migrants from Syria and Somalia, this is a part of a dangerous recipe that is cooking in our country. This one problem all of America’s armed citizens need to be prepared for. Our “Prezzident” has purposely opened the floodgates and he has allowed a dangerous element into our country….These practitioners of a so-called religion of peace…..If Hollywood is really concerned with firearms ownership falling into the hand of the wrong people, they had better direct their damned cameras in that direction as well ! Europe is about to “Fall” to them, Great Britain’s goose is nearly cooked…and if we are not prepared, I assure you, we will all wind up as Dead Ducks cooked on the spit of Islam ! (and those who disagree and point fingers chanting “Racist and Islamophobe”….I suggest you all go out and buy a small rug…cuz you’re going to need it when Sharia Law is recognized !

      • Charles

        It’ll be a cold day in hell when I buy a rug for that purpose.

      • ABO

        Excellent points made, very well done and impressively laid out, nhchaz. Thank you.


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