Jets owner, Hollywood producer, Wall Street titans helped drive Trump’s $18M day

by Joseph Weber |  |  published on September 29, 2016

The Donald Trump campaign’s massive $18 million, 24-hour fundraising haul this week was orchestrated by some of the biggest names in politics, Wall Street and philanthropy — including New York Jets owner Woody Johnson and Hollywood producer Steve Mnuchin.

The campaign announced the total on Tuesday, the morning after the Republican nominee’s first presidential debate with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. In doing so, the campaign listed some of the influential figures involved in the billionaire businessman’s accelerating fundraising.

About one-third of the money reportedly came in the form of relatively small, online donations. The remainder was solicited during a phone-calling blitz during which more than 100 top fundraisers went to Trump Tower in New York City to make calls.

“We had a massive fundraising day,” said Mnuchin, the Trump campaign’s finance chairman. “With this kind of energy and generous support behind us, we are going to have President Donald J. Trump in the White House.”

The campaign listed 26 of the fundraisers including Mnuchin, Trump and several top officials from the Republican National Committee.

  • Askjrsk

    Like the folks in Florida interviewed on CNN Anderson-Cooper Trump all the way. She could not find one person to interview that was not for Trump. Some very Never Hillary. Rudy Gulliani as well as the rest of us find her unfit for office. She knows it too with all her preparation. Questions irrelevant out of touch time wasters from Hillary land. That’s why the briefing one week in advance. The ear piece the wire the hand signals. She an obnoxious ill mannered foul and rude drug dazed boor
    The only entertainment was the head bobbing, eyes crossing , shoulder shrugging rearrangement of her adult industrial strength HUGGIES. Trump. LOCK HER UP MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN.

  • Rodney Steward

    Keeping it coming, Trump, 2016, #NEVER HELLARY, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER,……………..

    • Askjrsk

      You hit the Hammer on the blackberry, buddy. Trump. LOCK HER UP MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN.

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