July 4 crowds ignore call to boycott Georgia park over Confederate flag

July 5, 2015

635713070538634578-alexander-stmtn630aSTONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. – Fourth of July holidaymakers ignored a call to boycott Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park, known as the “Confederate Rushmore,” over its display of the contentious Confederate flag.

Hundreds of people had staked out spots at the 3,200-acre (1,295-hectare) privately run park by noon on Saturday for nighttime laser and fireworks shows. They shrugged off heavy rain on the park’s busiest day of the year as well as the boycott call.

Democratic state Representative LaDawn Blackett Jones this week urged people to stay away from the park 10 miles (16 km) east of Atlanta because it flies three flags of the pro-slavery Confederacy alongside the U.S. and Georgia state flags.

  • maggie9876

    Glad they all went and had a good time. Shame on Democratic state Representative LaDawn Blackett Jones , for trying to tell people not to go there.

  • Athanasios1

    What ignorant communist politicians don’t realize is that the Confederate Flag stands for rebellion and State Rights, not slavery or racism. If flying the Confederate Flag incites the murder of innocent people, then perhaps the Democratic/Communist run State of Illinois should take down their Confederate Flag since it is home to Chicago, the most violent location of Black on Black violence in the world outside of Africa.

  • HankBar

    The holidaymakers ignored the silliness of this. Hard to believe adults fall in to line for the liberal’s bs.

  • curtmavi38

    All the hype about terrorist attacks were overstated, sometimes I think they were deliberate to keep people away. These monuments have been with us for a long time, now they would have us believe that they are racist ? Bravo to the ones that went out there to show their solidarity to our history regardless of who it offended. Hold your confederate money boys the south is going to rise again.
    That’s and old saying that I found when I gave a report in School about the South, I don’t want it to rise again, I want these United States to come together and be really united. God Bless America Again. meh

  • jobird

    Tough cookie LaDawn.This is America.How about you moving to Illinois?
    Seems that state has room for more liberals. No Confederate flags to annoy
    you.Win! Win!

  • donemyhomework

    You know, it’s funny that the only ones who get called racist are whites. Must be open season on whites. And all of the Politicians smell blood and jump on the band wagon. If anyone’s a racist it’s LaDawn Blackett Jones.

  • jdbixii

    While the Confederate Flag is a symbol of the short-lived government of the CSA and the economic slavery which was its defining feature, the issues of hatred and prejudice are eternal, and are separate from any symbols or sticks and stones, or bullets, which may be symptoms of them. Liberalism is ALL about treating symptoms and never getting to the causal factors which produce the symptoms. This should be of no comfort at all to Liberals who think that, by outlawing the symbols and symptoms, they can prevent the hatred and prejudice. History is what it is. Islam can not deny the Holocaust. It is a fact of History. Russia can not deny the Gulag, it is a fact of history. Judeo-Christianity can not deny the crucifixion of Jesus, it is a fact of history. It is time to stop thinking that denial will compel ignorance of the truth and ignorance will produce equality and justice. Ignorance of the law is no excuse because ignorance of the truth is the excuse.

  • VirgoVince

    Good for you, holidaymakers, IGNORE anything that comes from the idiot libturds! WE’LL all be better off!! they need to be boycotted, permanently!!

  • Bruce Bourget Sr.


  • chris berrian

    Their only making it stronger.
    Because I myself have ordered several rebel flags since this nonsense and before have never owned one which prompted me to do a little research and found that the main reason Lincoln wanted war was mostly economical but since the southern states legally separated from union Lincoln had to justify through the guise of freeing slaves.
    So every time we the people make our decision too rein in government they always find a way to make it into race,gender,or some other means of destraction like mideast wars.

    • donemyhomework

      Someone must have rewritten history because Lincoln did NOT WANT WAR.

      • chris berrian

        If you were doing you home work you would know “legal” separation from the union was achived. but that didn’t ring well with Lincoln. So we got war.

        • donemyhomework

          We got war because of Fort Sumter. Lincoln did not want to let go of the Military bases. He would have been a fool to let go of them.

          • chris berrian

            No matter because the separation was legal and the people spoke.
            And this keeps going in today’s politics. We speak then we get the shaft.

        • donemyhomework

          But that doesn’t mean that he wanted it. HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU KNOW WHAT “HE” wanted? He already had plenty of other problems on his plate. War just fckd things up for him. He was thinking of the Nation.

          • chris berrian

            Under the guise of the nation but not under the Constitution and the right of a free state and free people to be able to rein in the a corupt government. Couldnt have that now could he. Hell they didnt even start talking about freeing slaves until after Lincoln invaded NC to furter his agenda. The government and elites have been deviding us since in the same way”by race”.

          • donemyhomework

            In the first place, North Carolina was putrid bullshit. George B. McClellan didn’t have dick enough to fight his way out of a locked closet, yet alone to lead an army in the Civil War. That’s not saying the man was a failure, he did have respect, and he did know how to organize an Army. But initiating a fight, or to making actual war he wasn’t there. If Lincoln had had any other choice, McClellan would not have been it. So Lincoln was under the constraint of having to deal with bullshit. Lincoln still needed someone who would fight and win. George B. McClellan wasn’t it.

            In the second place, Chris Berrian, use spell check or something to indicate that you have the educational expertise to actually indicate that you have the mentality to back up your criticisms with some form of empiracle logic, that is easily conveyed and communicated. I’m saying you’re a lout.

            But more than saying you’re a lout, you’re position is more than tenuous. I’m saying that you are transposing current thought about what should have been done, instead of what could have have been done in that time period. So, you have a tendancy to subvert what actually happened., into what should have happened.

  • Luke

    I wonder if black business owners would like their stores boycotted because they hate Southern heritage as most other racist do?


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