Kasich surges to 2nd in New Hampshire

by JOHN NOLTE  |  published on January 20, 2016

With the primary just three weeks away, John Kasich appears to be enjoying something of a surge in New Hampshire. The latest ARG poll out of the state shows the Ohio governor enjoying a second place showing with 20% support. Trump leads the first-in-primary state (Iowa’s caucus is a week earlier) with 27%.

According to the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, Kasich’s rise is real. Since Jan 4, over the course of 3 polls, he has risen slowly from 7% to 12% to 14% and now 20%. The poll of polls also shows Trump ahead by an average of 17.7%. Kasich is in 2nd with 13%.

In the ARG poll, Rubio comes in 3rd with 10%. Cruz and Christie are tied up with 9%. Bush is at 8%.

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