LGBT Studies Course At San Francisco High School May Be 1st In Nation

June 23, 2015

cfcae72e7ce98e10520f6a7067004b28_c268-0-4660-2560_s326x190SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A San Francisco high school may be the first in the country to offer an LGBT studies course.

The course at Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts will cover terminology, and the broad history of LGBT issues.

“We’ll look at what it’s been like for gay men, what it’s been like for lesbian women, what it’s been like for transgender people,” social studies teacher Lyndsey Schlax said.

  • monacall

    This is a choice lifestyle a sick choice! either these people were molested as kids or are child molesters! either way they have no morals! we should all pray for their souls!

  • jdbixii

    There is nothing new under the sun. General psychology and its more specialized classifications dealt with the varieties of human sexual behavior.
    The basic, social problem presented by the LGBT is that it is not a majority of people who are normal and quiet. Unlike the majority of people, it insists on drawing attention to itself by being intrusive, obnoxious and adversarial. Purpose is that which distinguishes and differentiates lifestyles. The proof of the purposelessness of the LGBT lifestyle is the degree to which it is a negation of the natural order, with the notable exception of insistence on having one’s own way. Not one person who is a member of it is NOT the product of a heterosexual union of man and woman. For all of the difficulties and dysfunction in our society due to sexual immorality, there is no betterment of the human nature or condition because of it. The proliferation of the LGBT lifestyle is totally dependent on the collaboration of the legal community to allow and foster all of the contrived, artificial relationships which are desired as “parallelisms” of heterosexual-based family relationships.
    To believe that one is in the will of God because s/he is fulfilling the role of an unrepentant sinner is a choice. To insist that there is no right or wrong with respect to morality is a simple negation of the alternatives of choice and posits that there is nothing higher than “evolved” man. Ironically, without heterosexual relations, man will cease to “evolve” by procreation.
    Without a proper perspective on the “chief purpose of man,” society is compelled to deal with those who choose to mistreat purpose.
    Why should we care? Cost.

  • God has a special Place in Hell for these Perverts of Life! California must truly be a sewer with all these Loons of the Communist Democratic Party, the same Party who deliberately kicked GOD to the curb, in 2012! Now, Satan is in charge of that sick group of Leeching Perverts! They all bow down to the perversions of Homosexuality and Islam, both are nothing more than the Syphilis of the Soul, especially satan’s Islam!

  • Jim Baum

    Wow classes for queers! What else could we expect from that left coast bastion of perversion by the bay.

  • Dolores Adams

    More ruination of our country. The homosexuals are perverts.

  • cool breeze

    wow, does any one else think this is really fucked up. Can’t imagine what the lab study will be like, hands on or selfie of homework

  • KDC

    Any “GOOD” study shouldn’t be without the opposing side’s view. They should counter that with the bible’s (God’s) Word on the subject.
    Well, I know their too weak to do that! Gee, then they’d have to hear how repulsive it is, and that it’s not normal, or that it’s an abomination in God’s eyes. They’ll never do that because it confronts their sin.

  • They really like to complicate things! Should have stayed in the closet! Why push your agenda on others? I would pull my teen from this school just for offering the class!

    • podunk1

      Will they be real?

      The media images we see and drown in are loving harmless people filled with affection. Never once is there a warning of the abomination and desecration slammed at the substance of life they mock and taunt. Feces is the ultimate rotting, decay, and degeneration of plant and flesh. Satan, Soros, & Obama join hand with belly laughs at the indulgent idiots who play a different version of Russian roulette!

      The people we elected to fill the highest offices of honor and integrity, sworn by oath to preserve and protect, can’t muster an opinion of wallowing in dung and blessing it as a sacrament of marriage, to be honored and participated in by all, with criminal sanctions against any who refuse!

      The sacrament is with satan and the blessings are AIDS, EBOLA, hepatitis, food poisoning, and endless diseases that kill main, debase humanity, and can destroy a society! Thousands of pounds of food are routinely destroyed because of fecal trace, yet our president, his CDC and FDA, along with endless progressive officials are encouraging frenzied entanglement of oral, anal, and reproductive parts between two or more people as wholesome recreation! When statistical data is manipulated to purge and hide risk data, the messages become way beyond simple “demonics”!

  • Bob Stewart

    That course has been taught by writing on bathroom walls for years.

    • donemyhomework

      Now that’s funny.

  • Luke

    What a bunch of sick twisted trash..

    • donemyhomework

      The teacher fit’s that description…it’s probably a required course their parents do not know about.


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