Lindsey Graham: Confederate flag is ‘part of who we are’

June 20, 2015

lindsey_graham_c15-0-625-356_s561x327Republican presidential candidate and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham on Friday defended the Confederate flag that’s still flying high outside of the State Capitol, despite arguments that the flag is stoking racial hatred in the community rocked by the killing of nine people by a white man at a black Charleston church.

Mr. Graham said “it would be fine” if the people of South Carolina chose to revisit the Confederate flag, but argued that the symbol represents a “part of who we are.”

“The flag represents to some people, a Civil War, and that was the symbol of one side. To others it is a racist symbol, and it has been used in a racist way. But the problems we have today in South Carolina and across the world are not because of a movie or because of symbols, it is because of what is in peoples’ hearts,” he told CNN reporter Alisyn Camerota.

  • I am now specially ordering the Confederate Flag and stickers so that I can rub this idiocy in the Sheeples faces!

  • KDC

    It’s probably the only thing I agree with Graham on. Let the flag fly! If I want to fly my “don’t tread on me” flag, I should be able to. It’s a form of freedom of speech.

  • elda

    As long as people argue that that flag represents something evil by that action it will. But if they stop labeling it such it will stop representing that. The term Mormon used to be the “N” word against the Later Day Saint people in the 1800s. They were persecuted and murdered for their beliefs and even had an extermination order placed on them by the governor of MO. But that name was picked up by the Mormons and used in a positive way and the term lost its force of evil. Just let the issue of the flag go and it will loose its power to cause resentment. Except history and move on.

  • Jeff Z

    Koch brothers shit for dinner, again?

  • Jeff Z

    Yes you dumbfuck senator, the confederate flag is in your heart,is in the hearysof racists and murderers. God damn fucking bible thumping flag-waversdefending racist killers. Graham is a senator. Jesus fucking chtist!

    • Luke

      There’s a lot of hate in your heart as well, racist..

      • Jeff Z

        Still not evening the playing field,since i dont have power .
        Warmongerers. Racists. They deserve to be screamed at by everyone, everywhere

        • Luke

          Who are the warmongers and racist, look in the mirror..

          • Jeff Z

            Oh excuse me, i didnt know id catch any Ivy League scholars

          • Jeff Z

            Lindsay Graham, looks like a botched bruce jenner opetation,yes?
            But hes a great warmongering christiam supporters of racist heritage! Ptide is not a deadly sin in the south

          • Luke

            All of you liberals on here are scholars, right, LOL brahahahahahaha

  • WiSe GuY

    Any flag but 0bama’s ISIS flag


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