Mayor: Atlantic City government will shut down for 3 weeks

by Associated Press  |  published on March 23, 2016

The mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey, says the resort town’s dismal finances will force a weekslong shutdown of nonessential government services next month if the city doesn’t get state aid.

Republican Don Guardian said Monday the shutdown would start April 8 and likely last until at least May 2, when quarterly tax revenue is set to arrive.

Police, fire and sanitation workers would continue to perform their jobs without pay but would be paid when the tax money comes in.

  • Abel

    When a City, State, or Federal government entity has insufficient funds to perform their promised functions, as opposed to their mandatory functions, they likely promised more than they were authorized to perform. They should shut down any non-authorized functions unless their voters vote to increase their taxes to pay for them, and then change their charter or constitution to cover whatever the voters desire to authorize. If they still have problems covering the mandatory authorized functions, they need to revise their charter or constitution to remove the least important authorized functions, since, obviously, the voters aren’t interested in supporting these functions. Most problems like these occur in Democratically controlled governmental models.

  • Phillip_in_TX

    Well, the City will probably “run better” then! Once the “new money” arrives, then what? They will have the same problem again with “too much month at the end of their money.”

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