Mayor de Blasio will march in St. Patrick’s Day parade, ending boycott over ban on gay groups

by ERIN DURKIN  |  published on March 3, 2016

Mayor de Blasio will march in this month’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, ending his boycott over the march’s exclusion of gay groups.

After the parade got rid of the prohibition and opted to allow LGBT groups to march under their own banners, the mayor plans to join in the Fifth Ave. parade March 17 for the first time, he said Wednesday.

“The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a New York City tradition, but for years Irish LGBT New Yorkers could not show their pride,” de Blasio said. “Finally, they can celebrate their heritage by marching in a parade that now represents progress and equality. New York wouldn’t be New York without the contribution of Irish New Yorkers, and today they have another reason to be proud of that contribution.”

De Blasio’s refusal to march in the parade marked the first time in 20 years a mayor had boycotted.

Last year, the prohibition was partially dropped when a group representing gay employees at NBC was allowed to march, but de Blasio said that “narrow concession” was ”too small a change” and skipped it.

  • Pam

    According to my friend, “Mary Catherine”, in Ireland St. Patrick’s Day is a solemn High Holy Day when EVERYONE is expected at Mass. The U.S. has, over the years, corrupted it into a “drunk fest”. I don’t know about NYC, but in Chicago, for at least the last 60 years St. Patrick’s Day is nothing more than an excuse for politicians to march around “being seen”.
    It has pretty much lost all meaning, so hey, why not slap the Saint on the other cheek by allowing the “lgbtq-xyz” idiots to just turn it into another “gaypride” parade! How about people stop attending/watching this spectacle and go to Mass and light a candle for all the Christians being persecuted IN THIS COUNTRY and around the world?

  • mudguy1

    Just who cares if Blasio marches in the parade. Most people would like to him march right out of NY.

  • mike

    I wonder if he will wear his rainbow pants

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