Microsoft on the hot seat in Iowa

by Mario Trujillo  |  published on February 1, 2016

Microsoft volunteered to provide the technology to help tally up the results of Iowa’s caucus, free of charge. Now it will be put to the test Monday night.

The contests in both parties are expected to go down to the wire. And the spotlight will be on precinct officials who have been trained on a new Microsoft app, which is meant to cut down on human error and speed up the reporting process.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties in Iowa have expressed strong confidence in Microsoft, dismissing late suspicion of corporate influence from the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) early last week.

  • Webb

    Microsoft volunteered to provide the technology…

  • reggie

    Why not let Soros’ company in Spain count the votes.

  • usncb

    Great !!! We might as well let Obama count the votes on his fingers and toes, MS is as crooked as they come ………

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