Missouri Names Black President

by John Bacon and Aamer Madhani  |  published on November 13, 2015

The governing board of the University of Missouri on Thursday named a black law professor and deputy chancellor emeritus to serve as interim president of a university system under siege from racial turmoil.

Michael Middleton, who recently retired from the university after 30 years, earned bachelor and law degrees there. His selection came three days after Tim Wolfe resigned amid a firestorm over his handling of a series of racially charged events on the sprawling campus in Columbia.

“We all must heighten our focus, improve our culture …and share the responsibility to see our university advance in healthy ways built upon respect for others,” Middleton said. “I am energized. We need to get our community together, working together.”

  • The Redhawk

    Supposedly the second BIGGEST lobby Group in Wash DC are those hired by the ACADEMIA system and there are at least ONE College or Such in abou every Voting Distrct in the Country… are we Getting FLEECED by ACADEMIA???? and Hire TOOL to MISMANAGE the Uneducation of the IGNORANT students??

  • gavinwca

    Way To go Missouri,give a radical, lieing, demonstrating , Fascist student body, a radical,lieing, demonstrating, fascist, President. What a way to run a state school.are there any American men left in Missouri.

  • Original Anna

    Just like our nearby city school system which cannot graduate 50% of its kids. The Board of Education for years has been under the control of blacks, Two years ago a 50% of white board members were voted in finally. The blacks refuse to even listen to these business and education people. The blacks call the whites whitey among other names right in front of the cameras. The schools have been threatened to be put under state control which just happened. The governor appointed a white woman on the State Education Board and guess what, she hires a black superintendent who has been given total control. The Board does not even have to meet. A black board women told a whitey board member in front of the cameras that he was ruining her reputation when he disagrees with her, he is ruining her career, she needs the board position for her career resume. She is not there working for the kids as she has proved when she opens her uneducated mouth but for herself. And the gov’t falls for this crap. These black kids in this college want blacks in the top position and they do not understand that their own people are doing them no favors. I would like to know exactly cases where the football team had discrimination against them. They don’t even say they have reported the incidences. I went to college recently for a semester and the only ones making problems and complaining are the blacks. The taxpayer is paying for them to be there too and you should hear them complaining about the “work” they have to do to get their free college, like showing their parents paycheck stub’s, that kind of stuff. I just started staying away from them because I am there to learn not be dragged into their goings on and their need for attention and bullying vengeance against whitey. .

  • grafra102

    Well, here we go with the race card!!! Why did they not elect Jessie Jackson?? They got what they wanted but at the end it will explode!!!! “FUCK ALL THIS SHIT WITH THE RACE SHIT”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob2002

    Blackmail of this sorts will come back and bite this University. Just wait and see.

  • Climax

    Is the university even accredited? If not they can issue degrees all day long and they are still considered worthless pieces of paper. Well they do have some worth, as bad toilet paper.

  • Climax

    The lead in picture says it all, “Stop Hate”. The university organizers are full of hate for white folks but nobody does anything about it. They should be expelled from the University, and given trespass papers to never set foot on the university again. The university is a place to learn, not create hate mongering which accomplishes nothing. What has happened, just as in Ferguson some rather talented individuals have hijacked the weak minded into doing their dirty work for them and have created an atmosphere of fear, racism, and anger. The next question is, Why?

  • cmi

    All this means is,……..the University of Missouri it’s self will deteriorate & the black’s “demands” will increase, to the point of destruction!! Hide & watch!!! If I had a child in UM I would pull him or her out,….immediately!!!! I blame most of these situations like this on these No-good G.D. liberal socialistic professors & teachers we have let take over in these universities!! I have said for years now, “folks, you had better pay attention to what your kids are being taught in our schools anymore!!” Believe me, It’s not ALL good!!!

  • Kent2012

    another downhill run at the cesspool…surprised that the cowards did not invite al sharpless or better yet that piece of snake schit, louise fairyconman, to head up the next semester of so called education….make false accusations and they will come…kenyan boyo also, well he will send an emissary to tell the authorities to “stand down” and let the fools “demonstrate”

  • Brother

    WHAT??? Couldn’t they get Jesse Jackson as interim president?

  • billwhit

    Get ready for the unearned degree’s for the next graduating class! Wouldn’t this more labeled correctly if just called what it will be, a Place of Affirmative Action Education!! Get a “Professor of Liberal Arts” degree in 12 weeks and then go around calling yourself Professor and playing activist for idiotic causes.

    • leewacker

      I would call this school The University of Affirmative Action!

  • Robert Early

    So, how fo you spell shameless pandering?

  • Robert Early

    Yep. MU is now NU. We’ve witnessed the death of a great American University.

  • Thomas Goss

    Another useless so called university caves to the will of a bunch of radical niggers. Time to close this shit hole down.

    • Climax

      Thomas, you are PC incorrect. The N word accomplishes nothing but creates more ammunition for the radically converted. Let’s just call them worthless instead.

      • Thomas Goss

        SCREW your PC. I call it like I see it, these niggers will never get out of the jungle.

      • gavinwca

        Kissing their A** does what.

  • The Redhawk

    Well His First Public Statement can only be Described as :” FREAKING STUPID”… and the FUN begins among Academia Progressive Faculty lounge lizards to accomodate IDIOTS that learn nothing but Anarchy at these Ill Run INSTITUTIONS…

    So how about some MATH…Economics and the ENGLISH language instead of Black studies.. Dancing.. and Looting courses that only lead to UNEMPLOYMENT and inability to pay Student loans??/

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