New York City bill would require some bathrooms to be gender-neutral

by  |  published on June 27, 2015

Ms.-bathroom-1018x1024New York City officials are getting ready to issue a plan to curb gender bias and harassment in the city by requiring businesses to convert some restrooms to gender-neutral facilities.

A bill is being introduced that would require publicly available single-occupancy restrooms in both public and private buildings to be designated as gender-neutral. The legislation would also amend the language of some city laws, including the plumbing code, which requires separate lavatories for men and women.

“This is a very important issue,” said New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, whose office is releasing a report Friday recommending the changes. “It’s time to help individuals who identify as transgender to use the bathroom without fear of consequence.”

  • jdbixii

    How does one identify a “gender-neutral” person? Restrooms labelled “Boys” and “Girls” in schools and, later, “Men” and “Women” in the rest of public places served society for decades. Normal men and women, respectful of the rights and privacy of others, have no need to satisfy a psychological urge to relieve themselves in the presence of the opposite sex, pretending to be members of the opposite sex or by simply being confused about their biological gender. As a simple cost factor, there is a rationale for not accommodating people whose minds, not their genitalia, are the source of their duplicity. Denigrating the absoluteness of definition, identity and law is not an extension of individual freedom. It is an abuse of the fundamentals of human decency, dignity and respect by recognizing and affirming biological facts and encouraging proper associations and relationships. Otherwise, “proper” has no meaning.

  • Graywolf12

    Next the communist mayor will demand the removal of all urinals because they are offensive to women .

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