Ohio judge rules some 17-year-olds can vote in primary

March 12, 2016

An Ohio judge has granted teenagers who will turn 18 before Election Day the right to vote in the state’s presidential primary elections in a new decision that could boost Bernie Sanders’s chances in the state on Tuesday.

Sanders’s team sued to change the state law, but a judge decided Friday on a different state-level case that effectively provided the same outcome.

The Vermont senator’s White House campaign has been boosted by strong support from younger voters, so the decision could prove important in the crucial state of Ohio, which has 143 delegates up for grabs.

Ohio had barred 17-year-olds from voting on primary day regardless of if they would be eligible for the general election.

  • kathy diamond

    Dick, It sounds more like KASICH using his political pull with the Judge so he may get more votes. Kasich is Dirty, we need to watch him. He might be the shill/troll

  • Chadocat

    I think they should raise the voting age and the draft age to 21 with the only exception being for those who have served at least 180 days of honorable military service to the country.

  • kathy diamond


  • Mimi

    That is very stupid. Personally, I don’t think anybody should vote who does not pay taxes – or does not make any money to contribute to the running of the country. Of course, I am “kidding” – but wouldn’t that make a lot of sense? What is wrong with these judges these days???

  • preacher bill

    Carson is wanting to be VP. If he had supported Cruz , he might have had a chance at least it would have shown he did not still carry a grudge against Cruz,
    I supported Dr. Carson financially and with my prayers. But I came to realize that he wasn’t up to the task to be president, and neither VP. He would only be used because he is black in an effort to get the black vote. The VP must be one like Truman who stepped in when FDR died. Not one like Johnson when Kennedy was killed.

    • kathy diamond

      preacher bill, I think he would make a perfect Surgeon General. He also mentioned to Trump he is interested in Education. I wish him good luck. Trump will be good to him.

  • Phil Esposito

    More liberal crap.

  • Chris Robinette

    These kids only hear the word “FREE” and do not realize that nothing is free. Someone and it is not the government paying for it, like the American taxpayers.

    • kathy diamond

      Chris Robinette, You’re right. Thats what I thought about last night when I saw Trumps Rally. Sanders is talking about FREE EDUCATION so, we take these highly educated morons who only think of themselves, but don’t have the brains to realize, ” WHERE WILL WE GET A JOB AFTER WE GET OUR FREE EDUCATION”? MAYBE HE WILL THROW IN A FREE OBAMA PHONE.

    • kathy diamond

      Chris Robinette, They don’t wonder where they will get a job with this important FREE College Diploma If Trump doesn’t win, there will be no business to get jobs in. There is a cost for everything.

  • Joseph L. Light

    Republican party; a bunch of clowns that don’t know who they want to run, just as long as it’s not Trump. They want Rubio and he is Obummer in disquise.

    • kathy diamond

      Joseph L Light, They want someone in office that they can control. Either Rubio, Cruz, or Kasick not Trump. Trump will be the President FOR THE PEOPLE !! He will be OUR President

      • Joseph L. Light

        Hope you’re right; watch out for Obummer though, he’s pretty slick.

  • Dick

    Who’s “A” judge????????????

  • Dick

    Do you think the Sanders team is sleeping with the judge. The next thing that will happen is they will be giving welfare to monkeys ….

    • kathy diamond

      Dick, No, I think Kasicks team is sleeping with the Judge

  • Marion E McKenzie

    When was it LEGAL for Judges To MAKE NEW LAWS >??? If she lived in California there would be no Problem…ON ID required Teenagers In Ca. Vote 15 or 20 times it is a big sport to see who can vote the MOST…

  • Bob

    What kind of idiot is the judge? With common core the kids are getting dumber all the time. Hell just as well let 17 year olds be the Pres too.


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