Oklahoma bill to jail abortion doctors heads to governor

by Heide Brandes  |  published on May 20, 2016

An Oklahoma bill that could send any doctor who performs an abortion to jail headed to the governor on Thursday, with opponents saying the measure is unconstitutional and promising a legal battle against the cash-strapped state if it is approved.

The bill to make abortion a felony punishable by up to three years in prison was approved by the Republican-dominated Senate on Thursday. Governor Mary Fallin, a Republican opposed to abortion, has not indicated whether she will sign it.

The bill also calls on state medical boards to revoke licenses for the “performance of an abortion” but allows an exemption for abortion necessary to preserve the life of the mother.

“This is our proper function, to protect life,” Republican Nathan Dahm, an author of the bill, said during a debate. Supporters have said the bill could withstand a legal challenge because the state was within its rights to set licensing requirement for doctors.


    The “Silent Majority” is finally awakening….Popeye just had his spinach smoothie and is ready to start kicking @$$….finally!


    Oklahoma is also the only state in the Union in which Obummer failed to win as much as a single county, in either election, out of 77 counties, and, technically, there are more registered Democrats than Republicans. We are also fighting tooth and nail against Obummercare, Uncommon core, and other Obummer nightmares as well. Remember, our Governor snubbed him upon his arrival in the state.

  • AmericanBelle

    Have you noticed that the states are FINALLY standing up to the most corrupt administration in American history? Now that Obama’s a lame duck with about half a year left in his term, people are standing up to him because he doesn’t have the time to fight back. Previously, any state or any person trying to fight the corruption were smacked down by an executive order.

  • Luke

    Good for Oklahoma… One thing, the charge for performing an abortion should be murder in the 1st degree..

  • Debbie

    First step to taking our country back.

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