Oklahoma: Self-Defense Legislation Passes Senate, Headed to Conference Committee

by NRA-ILA  |  published on April 22, 2016

Last night, the Oklahoma Senate passed House Bill 3098 by a 37-9 vote. Sponsored by state Representative Jeff Coody (R-63), HB 3098 would allow for the open carry of a handgun without having to obtain a permit. Earlier today, the Oklahoma Senate passed House Joint Resolution 1009 by a 39-7 vote. Both HJR 1009 and HB 3098 will now be sent to conference committee for further consideration.

HB 3098 would allow a law-abiding citizen to open carry a firearm on their person without the fees associated with obtaining a carry permit. HB 3098 does nothing to change the current permitting process in the state of Oklahoma for those individuals who still prefer to conceal carry a firearm and receive reciprocity in other states.

House Joint Resolution 1009 makes a critical improvement to the current Right to Keep and Bear Arms Amendment in Oklahoma’s constitution. This is a measure that provides the strongest possible protection for your gun rights, guaranteeing in the state constitution your Right to Keep and Bear Arms against any infringements or restrictions for you and future generations of Oklahomans. All proposed restrictions to any of your fundamental rights should be subject to a standard that ensures the strongest possible protection for that right, especially your Second Amendment rights.

  • Pete

    Oklahoma is one of the safest states in the US. It also has the least restrictions on legal possession of fire arms. The logic is obvious.

  • John Siemens

    Wonderful that Oklahoma is doing this. A great step forward! Isn’t it a shame that it takes all this work and paper just to put a new layer of bureaucracy
    on what the 2nd Amendment already does. Shame on the federal government and especially the corrupt judicial system.

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