Pa. Senate effort to remove AG Kane fails; House presses on

by Karen Langley  |  published on February 11, 2016

An effort by Senate Republicans to oust embattled Attorney General Kathleen Kane through a little-used provision of the state Constitution fell short this afternoon, with supporters of removal winning a majority of senators but not the two-thirds needed.

Even if the vote had prevailed, it remained unknown how Gov. Tom Wolf, whose participation would have been required in the removal process, would have responded.

Ms. Kane, who has been charged with perjury and other crimes, faces a second legislative initiative on the question of removing her from office. As the Senate debated this afternoon, the House by a vote of 170-12 adopted a resolution authorizing a committee to investigate her conduct and determine if she “is liable to impeachment.”

The Senate removal vote was 29-19, falling mostly along party lines. Republicans argued that evidence gathered through a committee investigation showed the attorney general cannot fulfill her duties now that her law license has been suspended by the state Supreme Court.

  • ADRoberts

    Democrats show no indication of even pretending to have ethics. They are blatantly corrupt. And their followers agree with them.
    God help them. God WILL judge them and will condemn them.

  • Rick

    Let’s make sure that corrupt AG and her supporters are bored out of office

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