July 9, 2015

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is the leading choice among North Carolina Republican primary voters in a recent Public Policy Poll. Trump received 16 percent, while former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush received 12 percent.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker came in tied for second with Bush at 12 percent. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was third with 11 percent. Dr. Ben Carson got 9 percent with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) got 7 percent while Se. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) got six percent. Gov. Chris Christie received five percent. Carly Fiorina followed with four percent and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry had two percent.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) had one percent, as did Gov. Bobby Jindal, and former Sen. Rick Santorum. Gov. John Kasich and George Pataki were under one percent.

  • Bigmanuger

    Trump and West would be a great ticket. I love the way all the establishment crowd is trying to play both sides, as is they were for illegal immigration before they were against it. Bunch of politicians , which this county has had its fill of. I will vote Trump-West ticket for sure. What a great team they would be!

  • jdbixii

    Republicans need to present a clear, uncompromising, principled candidate, or they can kiss the next election good bye! Time and again we have had to deal with compromisors who don’t seem to realize that the real deal is preferable to the costs of compromise.

  • Webb

    Not Another Bush…Donate to your Choice, to beat Bush!!
    Jeb Bush just announced his fundraising numbers, and it’s even worse for conservatives than we expected.
    His campaign and super PAC raised a staggering $114 million. The super PAC passed their target and raised $104 million, while the campaign took in $11.4 million in just 16 days.
    CRUZ IN 2016…….

  • KDC

    Bush, do we really want a Skull & Bones, NWO, RINO in the WH?. Trump is a breath of fresh air. He says it like it is, and I respect his non PC attitude!

    • Ralph Long

      God Forbid Another Member of The Bush Crime Family Baby Jeb Bush ever even set foot in the White House! NO MORE BUSH BUNCH!

  • Peatro Giorgio

    Aah yes Donald crushing the loser rino and lunatic left fringe media crowds dreams of Donald’s implosion. Yes he is exploding on front and center stage just where all the naysayers never thought possible. Crush them Donald Crush the clowns, Liars, phonies and fraudsters.

  • LaRae Bailey

    vote TRUMP and Allen West, a military man for the dream team..Trump truly cares about this country while the rest are nothing but career politicians who will do as they always do..lie to us, say what they know we want to hear, and then do exactly what they want to do…nothing. Trump is the only one who can not be bought and paid for like the rest of them who are in debt to every damned lobbyist there is, trading away our nations soverinty and constitution for what? selfish bullshit and personal greed.

    • KDC

      Oooh, that’s a great combination!

    • FedUpConservative

      Now that is a great combination!!

  • FedUpConservative

    I think that others may soon get off their high horses and realize ‘the Donald’ says what we say in everyday conversation. The RINOs are on notice. My choices: Trump-Cruz, Trump-Carson, Trump-Jindal. But, Carson or Jindal at the top with either as VP or Cruz/Perry as VP would also be good. // Jeb? Hell no!!! Rubio and the other RINOs can drop out now.

    • Terry Rushing

      I anticipate that the “establishment” will make an all out effort to ram Bush down the throats of the rank & file. Trump terrifies them because he has no price and is beyond the control of the behind the scenes, special interest people. There have already been attempts to manipulate the primaries by some of these “big contributors”.

      • Robert Early

        I have numerous friends in a five-state area.
        Conducting my own polls, I’ve not found even one supporter of Jeb Bush.
        So, where are the popular polls getting their data?

        • FedUpConservative

          Polls? During the 90s, a retired registered Dumb@$$ocrat I knew was called 5 times in three weeks during the daytime to get ‘random’ opinions on the impeachment of $3-Bill. She finally told them to stop calling. — The point? They called welfare and soccer moms at home during the day. These pollsters know where to call. I also do not know a single Conservative who wants RINO-Jeb.

        • truthseeker

          I guess if they got it off the high they been smoking. Jeb Bush is booed everywhere he goes. Send the village idiot home. He wants us all to work “Longer hours”. Trump was right they are stupid. You can work more hours, but you cannot work – LONGER HOURS ! A mind is a terrible thing to waste, unless it is already wasted.

          • Robert Early

            You are thinking, Truthseeker.
            That is definitely not allowed. Do you want to be arrested?

    • Ralph Long

      FedUpConservative sorry to have to burst you bubble here,but fanasty that The Donald would ever even consider one of the other Goofy Old Party Total Losers like Cruz,Carson or Jindal just isnot going to happen! It would not surprise me if Donald Trump names Carly his Veep Choice. However Baby Bush-Jeb, Marco Rubio the Weird Willard Mittens Romney Stooge and all the other RINOS also are not going to ever be President or Vice President either! Donald and Carly in 2016!

      • FedUpConservative

        Carly is also an excellent choice for VP and would be great as the first female POTUS. I just think that the others would reach a greater demographic and would not be attacked like Palin was by the dumb@$$ocrats.

        • Robert Early

          I think we mostly agree. Steak and eggs for breakfast? Yes.
          Bush? No ! We are plush in talent for a VP. Just omit the closeted
          RINOs; and all is well.
          Six have been wrongly critical of Trump. These foolish souls are:
          Bush, Rubio, Pataki, Christie, Jindahl, and Perry. They are off my good-guy list. Of course, your favorites list is your business.
          Peace !

        • Robert Early

          This is my note to the GOP Establishment:
          This is my short list of POTUS/VP Winners:
          Carson, Cruz, Huckabee, Paul, Trump, Walker, Florina.
          Anyone not on this last will not have my family’s vote (about 40 strong).
          Can I possibly be more clear?

    • truthseeker

      How about Trump-Walker ? Your correct about Ol Jeb, we all are sick and tired of the Bushes. A bird in the hand is better , than to be burdened by the Bushes !


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