Ranchland Owners Speak Out on Death Tolls

by KRGV.com  |  published on November 29, 2015

WESLACO -In CHANNEL 5 NEWS Special Report: “Paying the Price,” we reported how a Honduran woman went missing on private ranch land in Brooks County.

Human rights activist Eddie Canales said the woman is one of hundreds who die in the brush. He said the biggest obstacle to finding remains of missing people is getting access to do searches on private property.

Landowners are speaking out about being associated with the number of people dying. The count of bodies found this year in Brooks County so far is 41.

“We just think the landowner shouldn’t take the blame on this,” Susan Kibbe said. She represents most of the landowners in Brooks County. She’s the director of the South Texas Property Rights Association.

  • Dave Batz

    So, what do our political leaders think these “landowners” should do? Maybe build a 12 foot high fence around their own properties and hire “Fence Patrollers” to protect their property from “Illegal Immigrant” invaders? And, if they can’t afford to do so, try to tell them it’s their fault that an “Illegal” died on their property. That idea could be extended to property owners who rent apartments to “illegal Immigrants” who die from whatever that the landlord is to blame. Mostly, that all adds up to our political leaders trying to pass the responsibility for immigrant deaths on to our own citizens instead of doing the job they are supposed to do. “Protect and Serve”?

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