Report: Border agents used stun guns on fleeing suspects

October 31, 2015

U.S. border authorities fired stun guns at least 70 times over four years at people who were running away, even though there was no struggle or clear indication that agents were in danger, a newspaper reported Friday.

At least six times, agents used the weapons against people who were trying to climb a border fence and get back into Mexico.

The Los Angeles Times ( ) also said three people had died after being hit by Tasers wielded by border agents or customs officers.

Two people were shocked while they were handcuffed, and two were hit with five cycles of the weapon, even though the agency’s policy says no one should receive more than three.

The Times examined 450 uses of Tasers from 2010 to 2013 that were documented by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials.

  • Mike J. Hrivnak

    Just can’t bring myself to care. The more they have to fear from border patrol, the more likely they’ll stay away

  • Eleanor Scott

    No sympathy here, You want my sympathy. They will steal, rape or kill and you think WHAT???

  • bobnstuff

    It’s one thing to Taser someone attacking you or try to come in illegally but once you have cuffs on them or when the are trying to self deport is an abuse of power and is wrong. Maybe next time you get over for speeding they should Tazer you since the crime of being in this country illegally is the same level crime as speeding. Why don’t we Tazer the people giving them jobs, since they are breaking more laws then the Illegal person. Fix the law. Hire enough people to enforce it.

    • Brother

      Do you really believe the hogwash you spew??? The laws are already on the books and the dumb ass in the White House ordered them not to be enforced.

      • bobnstuff

        I have read the law and you haven’t. It can’t be enforced, it never has been enforced by any president. Add in the fact that we need a whole lot more agents if we wanted to control illegal immigration. At least Obama is being honest about it.

  • And? What’s the problem here? If they had used ammo instead of stun guns, at least the scum would never be coming back! God Bless our Border Patrol who are held back from actually doing their duty, keeping these illegal criminal scum from entering our Nation! We need to send the Kenyan Queen to Mexico! With his Records still SEALED Tight, I do not doubt the queer is an illegal himself! Democrats are the Trash of our Society and need to become extinct! TRUMP 2016!

  • Pam

    If someone breaks into my house with the intent of depriving me of freedom or property, I am within my rights to shoot that person. These people break into our country with the intent to deprive a citizen of a job and/or benefits. I see ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE. You shoot trespassers, PERIOD! If we left a line of dead, stinking corpses along the border it just might send a message that even the illiterates can understand; COME ACROSS, YOU DIE!
    Every private citizen who owns property on the border should have their property posted, in Spanish, Arabic and Farsi, ‘We shoot trespassers”.

    • TyRockwell

      One problem is that there is a lot of desolate territory along the border. Though it may belong to someone, no one goes there.

    • TyRockwell

      One problem is that there is a lot of desolate territory along the border. Though it may belong to someone, no one goes there.

  • USNavyPatriot

    Thank God someone cares about protecting our borders, our country. These damn foreigners need to have FEAR of entering our country illegally or this Chinese-water-torture of illegal aliens sifting through the porous border will overburden our ‘welfare state’ to the point of total collapse! To heel with any politician who does NOT take a hard liine for sealing our damn borders!!!


  • Webb

    Illegal is Illegal, no pain, If you’re sane, on your side of the Fence!

  • mcqueens2002

    They start killing them when they cross into the United States that will give a clear signal to the rest to stay out.

  • ADRoberts

    Martha Stewart just lied to federal investigators and wound up in jail. So I guess running from federal officials when breaking a REAL law is no big deal.
    Get real. In most of the other countries of the world, if you run from their agents, YOU WILL GET SHOT with a gun.
    Did the writer of this article observe what the classmates of the South Carolina black girl who refused to obey did. They WALKED OUT in support of the officer.
    Seems that they have enough sense to know that ILLEGAL activity is not protected from force to make people obey instructions.

  • Graywolf12

    Those bad boys. They should just tell criminals to STOP. If they do not stop do nothing. Gosh what a great way to fight crime. OH, entering the country illegally make you a criminal.

    • The Redhawk

      May be if oir Borfer agents had used real Bullers the First time , there would not have need to shoot another 69 times at these Invading Obama invitees

      • Graywolf12

        Yes, real bullets like 45, 30-06, or 308 says STOP with authority. I love shooting an AR 15, but 55 gr. .223 bullets are not near the stoppers as those I listed.

        • The Redhawk

          Now that IS a PLAN!!!


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