Satanist Leads Invocation at Alaska Assembly Meeting

by Ashley Rae Goldenberg |  |  published on August 13, 2016

A debate over religious freedom has led to a Satanist leading an invocation at one Alaska borough’s assembly meeting.

Following a discussion over whether to do away with invocations entirely, the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly decided to open invocations up to all religions.

According to Assembly President Blaine Gilman, a group of pastors used to previously lead the assembly’s invocation. Under the new rules, however, anyone can choose to lead an invocation in the name of his or her religion.

During Tuesday’s assembly meeting, Iris Fontana led an invocation in the name of Satan on behalf of the Satanic Temple.

  • This is insanity….But then again…..Makes sense….The government has lost it completely….look around….multi colored White House…Islamic POTUS with Muslim Brotherhood connected to his Cabinet…supporting ISIS while making miniscule sacrifices to cover it up….perverts going into the bathroom of their choice….Black Lives Matter but no one else’s….African American’s (thereby denouncing they’re American…look back at Roosevelt’s speech on this) wanting the government to pay them for having been slaves….while totaling ignoring the fact that 600,000 IRISH SLAVES WERE HERE FIRST>….oh well

    • Sue

      600,000 IRISH SLAVES WERE HERE FIRST, Scottish too.

      Hear! Hear! You’re singing my song brother!

      • Anitatstokes3

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  • Rodney Steward

    They must have been sent from the black house thugs!

  • Sue

    How is anyone comfortable asking for Satan’s “blessing”?

    • Rodney Steward

      I don’t think they ask for blessings, more like sacrifices!!

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