Scott Walker greenlights $250 million in taxpayer funds for NBA arena, angers fiscal conservatives

by Seth McLaughlin - The Washington Times  |  published on August 17, 2015

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will sign legislation Wednesday committing state taxpayers to pony up $250 million to help build the Milwaukee Bucks a new basketball arena, drawing fire from tea party leaders, who say it undercuts his claims to be a fiscal conservative champion.

Battling for the Republican presidential nomination amid a crowded field, Mr. Walker argues that the financing deal — which splits the $500 million cost of the 17,000-seat, multi-use facility between the National Basketball Association team’s owners and taxpayers — is the only way to keep the franchise from leaving town.

  • David in MA

    Looks like Scott Walker just sealed his fate, bye, bye White House…

    • reggie


  • Michel

    Basketball players should pay for their own damn arenas…not taxpayers….many who aren’t interested in sports anyway!!! Most of us are being taxed into poverty. The NBA make MILLIONS EVERY YEAR PER MANY PLAYERS….PAY YOUR OWN DAMN WAY!!

    • David in MA

      The NFL is the same and they are classified as a tax free organization.

  • Elizabeth Sprowes

    If you wont to spend $250 Billion start with helping small businesses, get the Vets, and homeless off the streets and put them to work part time at least that will help the STATE more than Sports. Let the Billionaires that own the teams and the players pay for the Stadium.

  • unique201

    Amazing, Pro Basketball has more then enough money to fund their own arenas. Why is Walker giving them taxpayer money ?????
    Walker, forget the White House Aspirations.

  • josebear5

    He is not as good as his word.

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