Sen. Ted Cruz Takes First Place in New Iowa Poll

by Bill Hoffmann  |  published on December 8, 2015

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has sailed past Donald Trump and Ben Carson in Iowa to become the front-runner in the intensifying race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, according to a Monmouth University poll released Monday.

The new numbers, based on a survey of 425 Iowa voters likely to attend the Republican presidential caucuses in February, reveal:

  • Ted Cruz 24 percent
  • Donald Trump 19 percent
  • Marco Rubio 17 percent
  • Ben Carson 13 percent
  • Jeb Bush 6 percent
  • Rand Paul 4 percent
  • Carly Fiorina 3 percent
  • John Kasich 3 percent
  • bobnstuff

    Finally the good people of Iowa are waking up. I’m Not a big Cruz fan but at least he tries to be an honest man.

    • Dave N.

      He has been far more consistent than any of the others, that alone is worth serious consideration. He is also the most conservative of the bunch and more likely to follow the constitution, or at least what’s left of it.

      • Liberty

        He doesn’t back down, either, and thinks on his feet. Unlike the dem party’s contenders, he doesn’t raise a finger to test the polls before he speaks. Smart, principled, God-fearing, and a patriotic American. Always in my top three, has moved steadily to the top. Any one of our slate would make a fine president. I think the only reason Trump’s numbers are struggling is because the electorate thinks “maybe he can’t get elected” because of his outspokenness and not because they don’t like him anymore. World news is appalled at Trump, too, as they salute the Left themselves. Yet the majority of German, Swede, and British citizens (not to mention those of the border countries) nod their heads at his comments. Can’t we learn from their dilemmas without going there ourselves?

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