SF police search for gun lost by agent who left it atop car

by Associated Press  |  published on February 21, 2016

San Francisco police are searching for the gun of a federal agent who lost the weapon after he left it on top of his car and drove off.

KGO-TV reports the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent’s loaded service weapon was reported lost in the Ingleside neighborhood Friday morning. Police say it’s an H&K P200sk .40 caliber handgun.

In the last eight months, handguns stolen from federal agents were used in the high-profile slayings of Kate Steinle in San Francisco in July and muralist Antonio Ramos in Oakland in September.

Last month, three handguns were stolen from an FBI vehicle parked in a residential neighborhood in Benicia.

  • Rick Vitti

    The latest edition in the Fast and Furious campaign from the government. Arm them ILLEGALS!!

  • Smitch

    WOW! Another Free Gun Give-a-way! Brought to us by California! I wish they would come here to Arizona and do that here! Next time please give-a-way full auto M4!

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Hell I done that one time ! it was gone in the few minutes it took me to go back around the building to look for it !

  • don76550

    Always wondered what happened to the Keystone cops

    • Jimmy the Greek

      They all became feds

  • Carl Carlson

    Not so long ago I found a range bag along side of the road with 40 mm Glock, ammo and wallet. Figured the bag must have rode on top car for a long time before falling off. Took the bag to my local police department and turned it in. I would have liked to seen the expression on the owners face when he picked it up. Lesson learned.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      I bet the popo kept it , I would have took it back to the owner ,

    • Robert M Litman

      That weapon never seen its owner again. More than likely, confiscated by a police, soon after not claimed…… And no, the police do not put out informational bulletins.

      • Carl Carlson

        Robert, I gave turning the gun in to the police a lot of thought. I probably should have called the owner and let him pick it up with me. Any way my decision was to go with the police. The police in my town have a good record and I trust them.

        • Robert M Litman

          Riiiiiiiight! You go right on believing that Carl.

  • charles17121

    So what is the criteria for becoming an ICE agent ? If one can walk and chew gum one can carry a gun ?

    • Rick Vitti

      No you just need to know how to walk….

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